Is He The One? (Niall Horan fanfiction)

Michelle has been friends with Niall Horan since they were small.Michelle has to move out of Ireland and live in England.One day Niall goes and auditions for the x factor.Will she meet him?Will more things happen between their friendship?Well read on and you'll find out :)


27. What de Hell? Michelles p.o.v

I woke up and got off my bed to see what time it was.It was ten a.m."Uh" i groaned.I turned around and saw that the boys were gone."They're probably recording something.The fashion show was in seven hours what would we do in that seven hours?i:m gonna wake Britney up" i thought.I walked over to our bed and saw  that she had fallen off her bed.Stupid girl! i thought to myself.I walked over to her and kicked her lightly in her ass."WAKE UP WE ARE GOING SHOPING YOU SLEEPY COW!!!" I screamed and Britney jumped up."WE ARE?"."We are ,now get ready lazy head".We got up and got dressed and ready for shopping.By the time we finished the boys were back. They were fighting about something that happened at the record studio. " what are you guys fighting about?" i asked as thet sat down and poured themselves some punch. " oh, nothing just that niall had a chance to record with Little Mix!!! and he won't go!! because..." said zayne. " because...... he doesnt want to go without us. isn't that soooooo crazy?''. '' it's not crazy, i think that's soooo loyal and totally cute.....'' i said kissing niall, which made him blush and smile.'' anyway... we have to go shopping!!'' i said waving my credit card in their faces. '' you can't go on your own!!''' said niall protectivly. '' why not? is it because i look really sexy, and you think someone will attack me?'' i asked laughing walking closer to niall. '' it's ok... i'll protect myself'' i said french kissing him, which made him blush, but he was still worried so i assured him that my bodyguards and my driver will protect me, and i told him even if they werent there i would kung fu  anyone who seemed suspicious. ''' bye bye then'' i said kissing niall . '' bye '' said britney blowing kisses to harry. As we left, we could hear the voices of the boys, '' oooh, kissy kissy'' they chanted to niall and harry.   me and britney started to laugh. '' boys will be boys!'' i said. '' i know what you mean'' said britney as we got into Britneys white cabriolet.


in about  a half hour we reached the shops. We got out of the cabriolet and walked in. i told the bodyguards to wait outside till we finished. '' why, the heck did you do that???'' asked britney. '' we could get attacked, like niall said!! what will he say if he found out?''. '' he wont find out will he?, i just wanted some freedom that's all! it gets a bid annoying when bodyguards follow you everywhere!!'' i said. '' your right, it does get a little annoying. lets just shop!!'' said britney. '' ok lets go into here,'' i said walking into Boots. '' i need more concealer and lotion.'' we walked in and picked out our stuff. we paid and then left. '' i'm a bit peckish, do you mind if we just pop into abrakababra?'' asked britney. '' yeah ok, but i am not buying any thing there! their food is disgusting!'' i said pulling a face. As we walked in 2 boys probably at the age of eighteen and nineteen bumped into us. '' Heya, how'dya like to come to my place for some fun eh?'' said one ''um... no thanks.'' i said about to go.. '' yeah, and i tink we'ave space for two, come on then we better get moving its getting dark'' siad the other grabbing my hand. '' get off!! you BASTARD!!'' said britney punching him in the stomach. '' ''oh, this ones a bit feisty!! '' siad the older one. '' yeah, lets get them going, cover their mouths so they wont shout!'' said the younger one trying to cover me and britneys mouth. '' me and britney kicked them in the balls, and ran!!!. '' i told you to get the bodyguards, i knew we'd get attacked!!!'' said britney crying. '' i know i should've, i'm so sorry britney'' i said crying too. we didnt stop crying until we reached the cabriolet. we didnt care that our heels were broken ror that our makeup and hair was messy. we just told the driver to drive.When we reached the recording studio we ran out of the car as quick as we could.We ran everywhere looking for the boys.We ran to the last room which was the recording place.We dashed in and the boys were having a coffee."NIALL!" i screamed and ran and huged him."Harry" Britney ran and huged Harry."What happened?WHAT HAPPENED?!" Niall screamed."These two boys that looked kinda eighteen wanted to rape us or worse" i mumbled out between cries."They looked really scary" Britney said hugging into Harrys chest."I told you that I had to come with yee,did you take your bodyguards with yous?" Niall said stroking my head."Well.......No......." i said."Yous are so stupid what if something happened to yous?" Harry said."We are going to call the police"Niall said and taking out his iphone."No! Niall leave it alone they were probably drunk and they weren't thinking"i said grabbing his phone."Okay but the next time im coming with you!" Niall said hugging me tightly."Britney are you okay?" Harry asked."Yeah im fine" Britney answered.The other boys were just staring at us with their mouths wide open."CAN WE GO SHOPPING AGAIN?" Me and Britney shouted."no" Harry and Niall said."Okay,but what are we suppose to wear for the Victorias Secret fashion show?"."Well dont you have normal clothes?" ."We do,but we have to look stunning,duhhh:"."Well then Harry and I are coming with you" Niall said grabbing me and Harry grabbing britney and swinging us around their backs."Let me down" I screamed."Let me down Harry" Britney screamed."No" they said.Then they went to Britneys car and put us on the backseats and  buckled us. Niall sat in  the front with Harry and Niall was driving to the shop.

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