Is He The One? (Niall Horan fanfiction)

Michelle has been friends with Niall Horan since they were small.Michelle has to move out of Ireland and live in England.One day Niall goes and auditions for the x factor.Will she meet him?Will more things happen between their friendship?Well read on and you'll find out :)


29. Victorias secret


Michelles p.o.v


We took our dresses and went to pay.My dress was pink and has a black line around it.I also had black heels and a black clutch.Britney had a Ice blue dress with lots of little diamonds and 8 inch silver heels .Here the outfits:






Britney and I would be the most important guests on the fashion show.I am so happy i just cant wait for the fashion show.Anyways we paid for the outfits and we started to walk to Jimmy Chungs.Niall and Harry were sitting near the window so we could see them.We walked in and sat down.

"Finally they came! I'm hungry let's go to get food"

"Ehh Niall did you pay?"

"Yes Honey now lets go get food"

I nodded and me and Britney left our stuff on the seats and we went to pick food.I just got some spring rolls.noodles and jelly.Niall got so much food on one plate that everyone was staring at him.If i wasn't that famous i would used my middle finger or slapped them on the face for laughing at my leprechaun! I'M ONLY ALLOWED TO LAUGH AT HIM!

Britney got the same stuff as i did,Harry got some less than Niall.

I picked out the food and went to sit down.Before I sat down i heard screams of girls young ones and older.


"Yes thats us girls"Britney said and patted on of the girls on the head.


"Can we have photos and autographs" a smaller one said.

"Sure" we both said at the same time.

We done a few photos and gave out a few autographs.

The happiness ended because the girls saw Niall and Harry.


The girls started jumping on them.Britney and I tried to pull them off,but no effort.The guards came and soon took them of.Nialls and Harrys hair was a total mess.

"Niall your hair is a mess,let me fix it"

"Harry your hair is worse,let me fix it"

"Okay" they replied.

I fixed Nialls hair and Britney fixed Harrys.

"Now yous look normal" Britney said sipping on her coke.

"NOW WE CAN EAT!" Niall screamed and started eating like a pig.

"You are a pig Niall" I said eating my noodles.

"I ont care" Niall said with a mouthful of food.

I rolled my eyes and drank my 7up.It took us twenty minutes to eat and we we're heading back to Britneys porshe.We drove n the car and it was a nice sunny day.stereo hearts came on.Britney and I in the back started singing as loud as we could.Without that roof of the cabriolet everybody was staring at us.It was so funny then we stud up and holded on to the front seats and started dancing.We were in the Country side so nobody really saw us.After Stereo Hearts came on What makes you beautiful.Now Niall and Harry joined in.It was so funny.After another few songs we were back at the recording studeo.Britney and I jumped out and ran into our camper.Today was the last day the boys were recording and we had to go home tommorow morning.Anyways me and Britney started getting dressed.We puted on our dress and done our make-up.I literally put on lots of foundation,I looked fucking orange.I decided to use tan wipes to cover my whole body instead of an only and orange face.I dried and done Britneys fake tan.I love fake tan preety much.I done Britney and then started to dress in my dress.I done my makeup which was smokey eyes and red lipstick and pink blush.I done my hair into a neat bow like lady gaga has but my hair had ice blue tips.Britney had  lots of makeup and fake eyelashes.She just curled her hair.


                                                                                     Michelles hair:



                                                                                         Britneys hair:

When I was done, I walked out of the bathroom and looked for Britney.She was trying to zip her back of the dress.

"Hey do you need any help?"

"Yes could you zip this?"


I zipped her dress and asked "Are you ready?".

"Yes lets go"


Authors note*******

Hello guys its Minxiy! I will call you Strawberrys from now on ok? So, I hope Strawberrys that you enjoy this book so far and I'm planning to end this book and make a sequel in a few more chapters!!! What do you think? Well thanks for reading so far and there might be like fifteen more chapters! Okay like,comment,favorite and fan this book! Please it means a lot to me and it wont harm anyone to like or favorite huh?


Thanks xoxoxo Minxiy

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