Is He The One? (Niall Horan fanfiction)

Michelle has been friends with Niall Horan since they were small.Michelle has to move out of Ireland and live in England.One day Niall goes and auditions for the x factor.Will she meet him?Will more things happen between their friendship?Well read on and you'll find out :)


30. Victorias Secret part 2


       Michelles p.o.v


We went to Britneys cabriolet and she started the engine.After and hour we arrived at the place.We got out and started giving out autographs and photos.Then we had our pictures taken.After the pictures we went and sat at the first places in the fashion show.After a minutes Katy Perry came out and started singing.We seen alot of nice designs.I was apsolutely in love in love with all of them.The first one was my favorite.I dont know why,but i just loved it.The last design was nice aswell but still i preffered the first one which was  a  lady was dressed in a butterfly outfit.After few minutes the fashion show ended and Britney and I were going to see....... Katy Perry!!! Britney and I were very excited.We got our stuff and went backstage of the fashionshow.We walked in and there were the Victorias Secret Models and....... Katy Perry!.

"Hello,Mrs Perry" i said shaking her hand.

"Hello, you must be Miss Kelly?"

"Yes,im Miss Kelly, but you can call me Michelle"

"Hello" Britney interupted

"Hello are you Miss Edwards?''

'' yes I am, nice to meet you''

'' well sit down, the drinks are coming, so you can relax''

''ok, thanks'' I said sitting down

'' Katy, your song was really good, did you write it?'' Britney asked

'' yes I did and it's kind of the first time I've sang at this fashion show so it was kind of scary!''

'' I know, sometimes its pretty nerve wracking.'' I said playing with my hair.

'' so, what brings you here?'' asked Katy

'' we just wanted to see the new clothes, 'cause we are shopaholics '' said Britney

'' yeah, did you see the butterfly outfit? wasn't that so gorgeous!!''

'' , it was sooo nice especially the way the colours matched together''

''the other clothes were cool too, did you see the last one?''

''yeah, the purple outfit was so nice with those blue heels''


awkward silence.

'' um, I think we should get going....''

'' it is getting a bit late''

'' maybe we could meet another time ?'' asked Katy

'' sure, call me'' I said

'' bye then'' said Britney hugging Katy

'' bye,'' I said  as we walked out

when we reached Britney's cabriolet we started giggling. '' OMG we just met Katy Perry!!!'' Britney said twirling her hair with her fingers. '' I know !!! she is sooo nice and she said we could meet up!!'' I said. '' I know but did you see your face Michelle you were like trying not to laugh so hard, you looked like a troll!!!!'' said Britney pointing at my face. '' No I didn't!! you liar'' I said pushing her into the car . '' you did too look like a troll,' cause you scrunched up your face like one'' said Britney giggling hysterically  in the cabriolet. '' whatever, as soon we get home I'm eating the last Ferrero chocolate'' I said. '' No way! that's not fair just cause your a troll face you get to eat my favourite chocolate!''. '' fine then'' I said '' lets have a match''. we both took out our thumbs. '' 1-2-3-4              I declare a thumb war!!!'' we both shouted.

15 minutes later......

'' no fair!!!, you tickled me '' I said laughing

'' well  I don't care, I GET THE CHOCOLATE!!!'' Britney screamed

when we reached the house, I raced into the kitchen, opened the cupboard and grabbed the chocolate box. it was empty.

''WTF??'' I said shoving the container in the recycling bin.

as I walked into the living room, I could see Niall sleeping on the couch. I looked at the clock it read: 15:30. ''what is he doing sleeping'' I thought. As I walked closer I could see chocolate all over his mouth, on the floor was the wrapper of the Ferrero chocolate. '' No way!!'' I said. '' no way what?'' asked Britney walking in and slumping herself on the opposite couch. ''OMG'', she said  looking at Niall. '' he ate it?? how did he even find it?'' asked Britney suspiciously. '' I didn't tell him, our secret chocolate hiding place'' I said innocently. We looked behind the couch and surprise,  more wrappers. '' WTF????????'' we said together. While Britney went to get a pan and brush, I tried to get the remaining crumbs off of my boyfriend. '' eeewwwww Niall, your such a pig'' I said picking of crumbs . He grabbed my hand '' am I really such a pig? I'll try to do better next time'' he said. '' WHAT THE HECK? Niall you scared me half to death!'' I said smacking him hard on the head.          '' ow that hurt'' he said groaning. '' Good'' I said putting the crumbs back on him, '' since your awake you can clean this mess you've made yourself''

'' what? nooooooo!!!, I want to go back to bed'' said Niall trying to make himself comfortable.

'' no, way are you going back to bed!!'' said Britney walking in with the pan and brush , and putting it beside Niall.

'' you heard, get you ass off the couch or else'' I said threateningly

'' or else what? '' asked Niall challengingly

'' or else she'll pour this water jug on you'' said Britney handing me the jug.

'' no she wouldn't do that cause she's .............'' before he could finish I poured the jug over him.

'' I cannot believe you did that!!!'' said Britney in a whisper

'' me neither'' I said

Niall stood up. I knew what would happen next, so did Britney. We  knew that we could do one thing and one thing only, '' RRRRUUUNNN!!!!!'' we both screamed, and charged up the large staircase , we raced up the stairs and ran. As soon as we got upstairs, we went their separate ways. I ran up to my room and slammed the door shut, locked the door and collapsed onto my bed. Then I started to giggle hysterically. I laughed and laughed and laughed, it seemed like hours had passed and my stomach started hurting . Then someone knocked on the door. '' come out come out wherever you are'' said Niall in this weird Italian accent.. '' No way!!! you are going to tickle me to death!!!'' I said. '' no I wont, I'll just tickle you a tiny bit'' he said. ''I  promise''. '' ok, fine'' I said unlocking my door. When I opened it I was greeted by a hot, shirtless guy. He caught me staring at him and laughed. '' what do you expect? I had to take my shirt off 'cause you poured water on me, remember?'' he said smiling.

Then he remembered what he came for. He ran towards me and carried me to my bed.

'' NIALL NO!!'' I screamed.

He threw me on the bed, and started laughing. But he wasn't finished yet. He sat beside me and counted to three. '' 1-2-3'' he said.  Then he started tickling me.

'' Niall, stop, please'' I said giggling

'' ok,'' he said flopping down beside me.

'' where's Britney?'' I asked

'' Don't know'' he said.

'' lets look for her'' I said getting up

'' nooo let's stay here and sleep'' he said pulling me back down.

'' no Niall get up, we have to find her,'' I said freeing myself from his grip.

'' fine'' he said walking out, his arm  over my shoulder.

when we arrived in the living room, Harry was there making out with Britney.  

''excuse me'' I said coughing .

They both turned around as if nothing was wrong.

'' um..... what are you doing here Harry?'' asked Niall awkwardly

'' Britney asked if I could come over, since you guys were ....... you know having fun upstairs'' said harry with a broad smile on his face

'' Nothing happened...'' I said a bit weirdly

'' Sure....'' said Britney winking at me.

'' no really nothing.......'' I said but Niall interrupted me and said

'' just leave them, they're messing around''


''so........ do you guys want to watch a movie?'' asked Niall trying to break the silence

'' um... ok'' we all replied.

Niall played the movie. Britney and Harry cuddled up on the couch with some popcorn , while we did the same on the opposite couch.

'' Niall?'' I whispered, so not to disturb anyone.

'' yeah?'' he said

''I'm so happy we met in playschool''

''Yeah I dont know how life would be without you'' he said.


Cherry wrote this chapter /***

Good Isin't it?

I love it myself.She has great talent ! Thanks 4 writing Cherry ;**


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