Is He The One? (Niall Horan fanfiction)

Michelle has been friends with Niall Horan since they were small.Michelle has to move out of Ireland and live in England.One day Niall goes and auditions for the x factor.Will she meet him?Will more things happen between their friendship?Well read on and you'll find out :)


6. true feelings nialls p.o.v

nialls p.o.v

'' ok, the skype's on'' i said, i wasnt sure what she was going to talk to me about, but i was sure what i was going to talk to her about.'' mine's on, i'l call you'' said michelle ''you know my skype name, right?'' she asked ''course, i do''i said reassuring her. she called and i answered her '' hey, michelle, hows it going'' i asked trying to small talk.'' fine, apart from your in ENGLAND!!'' said michelle '' i know it's a shock..... i wanted to surprise  you with the x factor and all that.....'' i said '' yeah, i know, ma' told me but......'' said michelle '' i'm sorry, i thought you'd be happy... when i came over you weren't there.. so i was worried and called'' i said a bit embarresd '' it's ok it's not your fault, it was very sweet the way you did that and the song you sang was GREAT, you never told me you could sing, why?'' questioned michelle '' because.... i thought you'd lagh and make fun of me especially sean the way he's been acting the past weeks'' i said '' i would never do that, i actually would love to hear you sing again, maybe? alone,now?'' asked michelle '' i dont know michelle.....'' i said ''PLEASE, please?'' said michelle '' ok ''. then i sang you are precious to me with all my heart. she loved it . '' you are really good at singing Niall!'' she said. '' michelle?'' i asked '' yeah, what?'' said michelle '' how about we go on a picnic?, ya' know just the two of us?'' i asked '' what do you mean Nialler? your in England remember?'' said michelle a bit confused. '' actually'' i confessed '' i'm a bit closer than you think'' . '' what??'' said michelle even more purplexed. '' look out your window,!'' i shouted


michelle p.o.v

i walked over to my window. '' aaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!, NIALL YOUR HERE!!!!!!'' i screamed. i bolted down the stairs screaming and rushed to open the door. right there was Niall, with a picnic basket and a checked tablecloth.'' SURPRISE!!'' he said, as if this was soooo normal. i ran over to him and hugged him. we fell over laughing. '' i heard you screaming down the stairs, you ok?'' said Niall while we were walking towards the giant blossom tree.'' yeah, i'm ok now!'' i said kissing him on the cheek. '' so? when did you get here, or did you camp on my lawn overnight?'' i joked '' i got here this morning actually, at 09:00 am. '' said Niall.  '' WOW! niall a new record!! you NEVER wake up before 01:00 pm!!!'' i said while i sat down with Niall, under the blossom tree. '' we hav'nt been here in ages'' i said starting to get up. '' why are you standing up?'' questioned Niall. '' cuz we're playing chasing! i said '' CAUGHT! you're on!!! i screamed pushing him on the floor laughing '' oh you're on!!!!!'' he screamed. he chased me around and round the blossom tree, then i climbed up the tree. when he was directly under me i jumped in top of him '' ahhhhh!!'' i screamed as i crashed down on top of him, '' aaaaahhhhhh!!!'' he screamed really scared . were on the floor wrestling when he gave up. i climbed on top of him and kissed him on the lips. '' what was that for?'' he asked happily '' nothing i replied and kissed him again.''can i stay over?'' said niall '' what?'' i said '' can i stay over? like a sleepover?'' he asked '' sure i said finishing the last grape '' we might as well go back inside, there is no food left!'' i said getting up '' last one brings everything back inside!!'' i screamed as i ran inside


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