Is He The One? (Niall Horan fanfiction)

Michelle has been friends with Niall Horan since they were small.Michelle has to move out of Ireland and live in England.One day Niall goes and auditions for the x factor.Will she meet him?Will more things happen between their friendship?Well read on and you'll find out :)


16. Trolololo Michelles p.o.v

I woke up at 9 .Iam a pretty lazy person.I was going shoping with my friend Britney.I went downstairs to the kitchen and started making myself cereal.I put some strawberrys into my cereal.I sat on a couch and started eating.I turned on the tv.Honey BoBo was on.I love this show.I like the start when 'Mama' farts.I watched the show and decided to text Britney.I texted her what time should we go shoping.She replied saying that she will come to my house at 11.I opened my eyes wide and went to get myself ready.I picked a flower printed shirt and high waist shorts.I put my pink high heels and the cladagh ring.I put on some mascara and red lipstick.I put my hair into a bun.I was getting my hair dyed today.Britney is rich asswell so 

i will not need to buy her stuff.We met on a party which my dad organised for his "work stuff".I heard my doorbell ring.I took my purse and went to answer the door.I seen Britney :)"Hey Britney " i said giving her a hug."Hello Michelle, ready to go princess?" she said giving me a grin."Yep lets go" i said following her to the car.We sat in her Porsche and she turned the car on."Im the only one that doesnt have a driving license " i said mumbling."Haha we can go and make you a license today" she said smirking at me.I always wanted a sister and shes like a sister."Ye we can go and make one today" i said looking out of the window.Britney has blonde hair,blue eyes , tan skin and shes very skinny like me :D.We finally arrived at the mall.We went inside and went to shop at Schuh first.We were kinda messing inside the shop and having lots of fun.I saw these huge high heels and tried them on.I couldint walk in them and nearly fell.I bought myself new pair of vans,converse and high heels.Vans were in different colours, the converse were knee high and they were pink and the high heels were glittery.You can find them in Schuh i got them myself.Then we went into a clothes shop.(To be honest i dont know the shops in England im Irish).We tried on lots of different clothes and played with sun glasses.Then we saw a gangnam shirt."Im gettin that "we shouted at the same time.We grabbed our sizes and went to pay for our clothes.I bought the gangnam shirt,a flower printed dress and another gangnam shirt for Niall.Britney bought  a gangnam shirt, a black dress with pink belt and feather earings.Then we went to McDonalds.We had a cheese burger and talked about boys."So Britney do you have a boyfriend?" i said siping on my coke."No i dont.... what about you?" she said eating her cheese burger."Yes i do his name is Niall" i said smiling at her with my white teeth."Thats a very pretty name, is that Niall in the x factor Michelle?" she said."Yep thats Him" i said."Cool im jealous" she said laughing.I laughed and we went to see a movie.We went to see The Hobbit.I loved the series of Lord Of Rings.I like them because they're  adventourous.I bought large popcorn and went to see the movie.The movie lasted for 3 hours and my and Britneys ass was very sore from sitting.We went to get a ice-cream.I got 3 balls.Mint,bubble gum and OREO! Britney got 4 balls.Cherry,mint,chocolate and OREO !.We finished our ice-cream and went into the car."I WANT A SHIT DRIVING LICENSE, IM THE ONLY ONE THAT DOESNT HAVE A LICENSE!" i screamed in the car."Calm down Michelle we are going to get you the license and then we're going to dye our hair and go to a beauty salon.We drove to this building and then i had my test for the driving license.I took me 2 hours and Britney was dieing of boringness in the car.I passed the test and a lady took a photo of me for my card.I ran to the car squeling of happiness.I saw Britney sleeping in the car.I got in screamed WAKE UP BRITNEY! She jumped and said Hi to me."Wtf i jusg scared you to death and you're saying hi?" i said."Ye whats the problem Michelle your my best friend" she said to me."Aww really?Your my best friend too!"i said about to cry."Heh did you pass?" she said changing the subject."Yes i did heres my license" i said handing it to her."Well done i like your photo" she said smirking at me."Thanks lets go to the hairdresser i want to dye my hair" i said buckling my seatbelt.Britney nodded and she started to drive.We arrived at the hairdresser in less than 30 minutes.I jumped out of the car with Britney.We rushed to the

hairdresser and waited for our  turn.Finally we were called and we sat on the chair."What do you want me to do with your hair Miss Kelly" the lady hairdresser said."Um i want to dye my hair blond and i want the bottom of my hair to be ice blue" i said."Okay Miss Kelly" the hairdresser said.I was done in 2 hours and a half.My hair was lovely and shiny."Thank you very much i look great" i said huging the lady."Your welcome"she said and walked off.I looked in the mirror again.I looked gorgeous.Niall will like it.I walked over to Britney.She looked so natural.She had brown hair and blond curls at the bottom."Lets go to the beauty salon" i said.She nodded and we walked into the salon."I want to pierce my belly botton,panicure and pedicure and i want also a massage for my back and feet" i remarked.Britney wanted the same but she had her belly button pierced already.I finally got my belly button pierced.It hurt so much.I picked a pink ring thats kinda long

Then i got my pedicure done.One hand had Irish flags on it and the other had shamrocks on orange nail polish.Britney

Had her nails pink and drawn little flowers on the nail polish.The massage we had was great.I nearly fell asleep from it.

It was time to go home and i was exhausted.Britney drove me home and we decided to have a sleepover.



Authors note***


Hey guys its me minxiy again.Sorry guys that im writing everytime at the end of the chapter.But i think thats it.

I have to say goodbye seriously now.Cherry is going to write the rest of the story (Maybe)

I love you guys i might write another chapter tommorow if im allowed.I want to say a massive thank you.

Im crying right now.Please if you could follow my twitter or comment,fan me and add my book to your favorites.

My twitter is Minxyxxxx.Do those things to make me happy.I need to know guys if you enjoy my book.


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