Is He The One? (Niall Horan fanfiction)

Michelle has been friends with Niall Horan since they were small.Michelle has to move out of Ireland and live in England.One day Niall goes and auditions for the x factor.Will she meet him?Will more things happen between their friendship?Well read on and you'll find out :)


13. Surprise Michelles p.o.v

Bailey was kicking the door for more.I patted his face and walked into the livingroom.I grabbed my popcorn and soon as i started to watch the ads finished.I heard the host say 'Now one direction are going to sing.When i saw Niall and the other boys i was very happy.They started singing.A tear went down from my eye.They finished singing their song and the judges commented on them.'You were great boys,we loved yous' all of the judges said at the same time.I could see that Niall was crying from happiness.I have a great and caring boyfriend.'Who has a girlfriend here?' the host asked.Louis,Liam and Niall put their hands up.'Are they watching us' the host said smiling.They nodded their heads.'Great now the judges have to make a descision who stays' the host said.I seen Niall following the boys backstage.I started thinking how lucky i was.I texted Niall.


Niall im so proud of you honey.I was crying when you were singing your

solo baby.Your voice is very different than the other 4 boys.Thats why 

its so great.I love you.You did great. xx


It was getting late so i went to take a shower.I washed my hair and dried it.I put my hair into a messy bun.I put on Nialls old shirt on with cumfy shorts.I walked out of the bathroom seeing if Niall texted me.I checked and he did.


Thanks Michelle babe, you're making me blush.

I love you too.Make sure you'll come tommorow.

I have to go now the boys are talking about each 

other to know ourselves better. Love ya xxx princess


I answered 

Alright babe i love you tooxxx im going to sleep.


I pluged in my charger and left my phone to charge.I go into bed and started thinking about Niall.Soon i went asleep.


Nialls p.o.v

I was really nervous when i was on stage today.I nearly pissed my self when i saw how much people were watching us.I felt like fainting.Soon i felt better because Liam comforted me.I walked into our bedroom.I seen the boys sitting in a circle on the ground."Come here Niall, Its your turn to be asked by us" they all said i  the  same time.I nodded my head and sat beside Zaynand Liam.I was scared of Louis because the last time what he did to Harry.The boys asked me the following questions:Whats your girlfriends name?Is she rich?When is your birthday?Do you dye your hair?Where am i from?Whats my parents name?Whats my hobbies and what age iam?"My girlfriends name is Michelle,Yes she is rich her dad is the famous billionare that got a job in town few weeks ago,My birthday is tommorow,yes i do dye my hair and i will need to do it soon,Im from Ireland,my parents names are Maura and Bobby, I love playing my guitar im actually addicted when i travel i have to take my guitar with me and im 16 today and im turning 17 tommorow Yipee" I said."Cool" said Harry with a nod.The boys started noding asswell."Its getting late im taking a shower FIRST!" i said."Im gonna order some pizza and chips" said Liam going to the phone.I took a quick shower changed into my pjs and went under the covers.Then the boys took a shower and we were all ready to go to sleep.We heard our door ring."Food" Liam and i shouted.We opened the door and saw Simon holding our food with a not very happy face."Boys you should be asleep not ordering food!" he shouted.Our faces went into a Wtf face? "Here i was joking you should seen your faces, i payed for the food" Simon said grabbing a slice of the pizza."Goodnight ladies" said Simon while walking out of the door."We all shouted WTF??!! " Did you see Nialls face?" Louis said while grabbing a slice of pizza and a box of chips.We all ate and talked to each other.Finally we finished eating and went to sleep.I finally went to sleep thinking about Michelle.I was woken 20 minutes by talking of the boys well they whispered to each other across the beds."What will we buy Niall for his birthday?" whispered Zayn."Lets buy him an friendship necklace"Louis suggested."Yeah with five parts" Harry said."Where would we even find one with five pieces ye dope"said Liam sarcasticly."Claires, I've seen one with five pieces" said Zayn."Cool lets meet tommorow at 6am before the door"Louis said.They agreed and then i heard snoring from every direction.


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