Is He The One? (Niall Horan fanfiction)

Michelle has been friends with Niall Horan since they were small.Michelle has to move out of Ireland and live in England.One day Niall goes and auditions for the x factor.Will she meet him?Will more things happen between their friendship?Well read on and you'll find out :)


24. Starbucks Michelles p.o.v

I went over to look for a mirror.Finally i can see myself i groaned.I  looked in the mirror.I love this swimsuit.We were in town where Victorias Secret fashion show was on tommorow.My dad bought tickets for me and Britney in the front row.My dad was such a devil when he was small.His parents were filthy rich aswell.Once he found a trolley from a shop and he and his friends got into it.They went down a really steep hill.One of his friend was pushing and they were going really fast and then the friend that was pushing let go.The other friends jumped off and my dad was only left inside.Soon he banged into a bush and the trolley tumbled like six times,but my dad was still in.He put two of his fingers to hold the trolley and thats why he didint fall out.The trolley stoped tumbling and my dad got out and mumbled " I am never doing this again'.When he told us the story i was laughing my head off.He was a very naughty teenage boy like Niall.Irish people are really giddy hehe im very giddy.I just cant wait for the fashion show.My favourite models are there.I just love the clothes and Katy Perry will be singing.Yipeeee cant wait.


I wonder when Britney is going to come.I couldint wait forever in this swimsuit.I was freezing.I got my pink juicy sweats and put them on myself.I took my black sequin uggs and headed out of the camperHere are the sweats:






I was getting tired so i wanted a coffee from my favourite coffee shop.STARBUCKS!!!.I looked for the boys.They were recording something, like a video diary.Soon Niall got hi in the head with a ball.Ouch.I ran over to Niall.I kneeled before him."Niall are you okay" i asked him."Yeah,but im gonna kill Louis" he said slowly getting up with my help."Louis why did you do this?" i shouted at him."I was meant to kick the ball to Liam,but Niall walked in,Sorry mate" he said coming over to Niall and hugging him."Its alright louis"."I'm going to starbucks do want anything?" i asked them.They nodded.

"Lou what do you want?"

"Iced white chocolate mocha with a straw and a blueberry muffin "


"Iced Caffe Americano please"


"Iced Vanilla Latte and something sweet"


"I want a caramel macchiato at least im clever taking something warm" he said smirking at the boys.

I rolled my eyes."Niall baby?"

"Iced Caffe Mocha and an apple tart or something like that"

"Alright boys im off Oh and if you see Britney call me ok?"i said writing all the information on a piece of paper.



I walked over to Louis van."I will not ride this shit" i mumbled.Suddenly i see a white cabriolet pulling up to me.I look and its Britney inside.I jumped into it."Whats up Britney" i said and hugged her tight."I'm fine Michelle what about you princess?" she said giving me a kiss on my forehead.I love when she calls me princess."I'm fine wanna go to starbucks i have to buy drinks for the boys and i dont wanna ride Louis' orange van" i said."Yeah i need some energy aswell" she said starting the car.We drove for twenty minutes and finally reached the destination.We got out and went to order.I walked over to the cashier."Hello could I have two Iced white chocolate mocha,Iced Caffe Americano,Iced Vanilla Latte,caramel macchiato,Iced Caffe Mocha,apple tart,cheese cake brownie,blueberry muffin and chicken and hummus bistro box please" i said."Okay wait a few minutes" he said and walked away.I waited 10 minutes to get the coffee i payed and walked to Britneys car.She was sipping on a coffee.I jumped in and we drove to the beach.We finally arrived and i went out to look for the boys to help with the coffees.I looked around for a good few minutes.I finally found them,playing in the sea."Hey boys help with coffee" i screamed.They ran up to me."Yup lets go" Liam said.We headed to Britneys car."Wow this car is gorgeous" Louis said stroking the front."Okay heres the coffees, sort it out yourselves me and Britney are going to change into our bikkinis" i said taking Britneys hand and running into our camper."So Britney hows Harry and you?" i asked her."Well he doesnt really talk to him yet and he doesnt call me so i dont know,but we are dating" she said."Oh okay do you have a swimsuit?"."Yeah how could i forget Michelle?"."I dont know hehe".We started changing and then Harry and Niall walks in.I was in my sweats and had my swimsuit under,so i took them off and i was ready."GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!CAN'T WE HAVE SOME PRIVACY!" I shouted at them and kicked them out."Wow" Niall screamed outside the camper."Good that i covered my eyes haha"Harry laughed.I went outside and smacked Harry on the cheek and kicked Niall on the floor.

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