Is He The One? (Niall Horan fanfiction)

Michelle has been friends with Niall Horan since they were small.Michelle has to move out of Ireland and live in England.One day Niall goes and auditions for the x factor.Will she meet him?Will more things happen between their friendship?Well read on and you'll find out :)


7. Sleepover!!! :D

Michelles p.o.v

I grabbed Niall and went to my bedroom.He was kinda shocked when he saw my house."This is big"screamed Niall.I chuckled a bit and laughed.We finally reached my bedroom.When he saw it his eyes grew wide with disbelief.Theres my dog Thumper.Thumper ran up to Niall and started licking his foot."So do you want to stay for the night Niall?i asked."Yeah Michelle,that will be fun,i going to do shopping"said Niall."No,no,no,no!Niall the last time you went shopping you nearly bought the whole shop!I have to go with you!I said."Fine"Niall mumbled."Dad can you give me € 500?"i screamed."Wtf 500 euro?Said Niall with his mouth to the ground."Niall did you forget my dad is a Billionare?I said checking my iphone.Niall nodded his head.My dad came over and gave me the money.Instead of 500 euro he brang me 1,000 euro."Thankx dad"i yelled."Have fun kids"my dad said.We got into the limo which my driver rid.He drove us to Dunnes stores.(Dunnes stores is a famous shopping centre in Ireland).We got out and my security guard came with us.We walked inside and started shopping.The following things we put into the trolley: crisps,popcorn,choclate milk x2, packets of jelly babies,gummy bears,haribo starmix.Drinks: 2L coke,fanta,caprisun.We also got ice-cream,whipped cream and waffles.Niall was licking his lips with hunger.I got some pillows and two blankets.We went up to the cashier and the cashier started scanning our things,until she saw me.Her jaw dropped and she started squeling."OMG MICHELLE VICTORIA KELLY!CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH"she screamed."shhhhhhhh everyone will hear you and i will get mobbed! yes you can have my autograph"i said.I started signing the paper."Here you go, dont tell anyone i was here alright?i said."Yes miss Kelly i wont tell anyone!she said shacking with happiness.I cant believe that she recognised me.Heh my dad made me famous."Niall i have to go to the loo i said.Niall noded and i gave him the money to pay.I took 600 euro and quickly ran to the phone shop.I bought Niall a new iphone 5.I wanted him to know that he can count on his bestfriend.I hid the phone in my bag from Gucci and bought Niall asswell a cover with i love food at the back.Hes gonna love this.I payed the 600 euro.I got a discount because im famous.I went to see if Niall payed the groceries.I seen him coming."Niall have you payed the groceries"i screamed."Yep"Niall replied.I gave him a kiss on the cheek.He blushed and we walked to the limo."Ready for the sleepover?"i asked him.He nodded his head.


Nialls p.o.v

I cant believe she kissed me on the cheek!We were heading to Michelles irish house.It was still very big.David (Michelles security guard) helped us with the groceries.We took them out of the limo and brang them to the kitchen."Im going to change into our sleepover pjs, Niall do you have yours?"she said."Yes i do,im going to change asswell"i said.I took my pjs out of my suitcase and went into one out of 5 Michelles bathrooms.I quickly changed and went downstairs.Ive seen Michelle there in her sleepover jumpsuit.She looked gorgeous.We both had the same American ones.She took out some movies."What ye wanna watch? Finding Nemo,Hunger games,Mama or the series of scream?"she said."You pick i like them all Michelle!"i said."Alright lets watch all of them Niall?Eh"shesaid.I nodded my head and took crisps and gummy bears with me.I ran over to the couch while Michelle was turning on Hunger games.We started to watch and Michelle went to make popcorn.I was watching hunger games and then i remembered that ig was Michelles birthday tommorow.She would be 16.I need to get her something.I could tell her today that i have feelings for her.I was very nervous.I would love that she would be my princess.The only one.She wasn't comeing back.20 mins have already passed and shes still not back.I went to the kitchen and she wasnt there.


Michelles p.o.v

My friend Cherry called me and i had to answer it.I came downstairs.I went into the livingroom and he wasnt there."Niall you lepreachan,where are you!?" iscreamed.I went over to the kitchen calling Niall.I felt somebodys hands on my waist.That person whispered into my ear saying what did you call me?I knew it was Niall.You'll pay for that.I felt something sizzling ontop of my head.I touched it and it was whipped cream."NIAAALLLL!WTF?" i screamed with anger.Then the food fight started.I threw some jellys at him.We both started staring at each other laughing.I heard footsteps coming."SHIT"i screamed.My mam walked in.Her face was going red.She was very angry i could tell because she was gobsmacked."Michelle?what happened?" she screamed."Eh me and Niall had alittle food fight"i said sadly." Well we will clean it up ma'am"Niall said astonished." You better"my mum said.She started mumbling to herself that when we are older we become more stupid.Me and Niall bursted out laughing.We laughed like 10 minutes really hard that we couldint breath anymore.Finally we stopped laughing and we started cleaning."This is going to take us agees Niall" i said.Niall laughed."If we do it together it will take us not that much time"he said.

1 hour later....

Nialls p.o.v

I need to tell her i have feelings for her.We took a shower and changed into our other pyjamas.I went over to her."Hey Michellei need to tell you something"i said nervously."Yep go on tell me Nialler"she said flickering her lovely long and long black eyelashes."Michelle... um i have feelings for you..."i said quitely.She just sat there looking into my eyes.Her hair was long up to her bum,her eyes were blue asswell as mine."Niall...." she said." i know you just wanna stay friends,thats alright!"i said with ters forming in my eyes









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