Is He The One? (Niall Horan fanfiction)

Michelle has been friends with Niall Horan since they were small.Michelle has to move out of Ireland and live in England.One day Niall goes and auditions for the x factor.Will she meet him?Will more things happen between their friendship?Well read on and you'll find out :)


2. Sad days Nialls p.o.v

I miss Michelle alot.I cant believe she left me in Ireland alone.A day without her feels like years.I skype her everyday,send her texts,but thats still not enough for me.Anyway 5 more months to go and its summer.I will go to England or she will come to Ireland.I cant wait.I forgot to tell her what i feel.I dont like her as a friend i feel much more to her.I actually fancy her.My mom kinda feels that  i fancy her.


2 days later...... still Nialls p.o.v

I was walking by the street and saw a poster about xfactor in England.I ripped the poster off and ran home as fast as i could .I knocked on the door with excitment.My mom barely opened the door and i told her about the poster.She had a weird face on."Are you sure sbout this chicken?."Yes mum i am sure 100% SURE" Alright chicken"."The auditions are starting in 2 days mum,soo book tickets".My mum went to her laptop to buy tickets to England.She finally bought tickets for me,her,my dad and my older brother Greg.I had to pack up.I packed some clothes,shoes and my electronical stuff.I was ready to go tommorow.I had to pick s song to sing.It was very hard to suite a song to my voice.I took out my guitar and started mumbling on it.I finally picked a song anf grabbed my laptop from under my bed.I went on skype and saw if Michelle was online.She was,so i decided to ring her.Victoria is a very beautiful name i thought to myself.She finally answered.We talked about summer holidays.She had an enormous subway meatball sandwich.I was like staring at her as she was eating.Her eyes were shiny as stars.she had some ketchup all  over her face."Niall i cant wait till you come to England.The subway  sandwiches are more tasty here."she said with happiness."Ye right nothing beats us irish,so you're wrong"i said bursting out laughing.We talked for another 5 minutes and i hung up.I eent to bed and thought about Michelle in my head.


Michelles p.o.v

The last few days were hard without Niall.He was my only friend i had really.I moved into a big mansion since my dad is a billionare.We had to move to England because my dad found himself a better job that will pay him 500,000 a day.Im kinda happy because i have everything i want.Our mansion is frecking HUGE!It has 14 big bedrooms,7 toilets,a big kitchen with a dinning room beside,play room which has like instruments and electronical devices,stables,pools,jacuzzis and most important a backyard of course.My bedroom is big enough for me.Daddy calls me his little princess.My room has pink and black striped walls,a pink cuddly couch a bed thats pink and its a bump bed,a wardrobe thats pink asswell,but has crown stickers on it.My bedroom is apsolutely huge.Can you brlieve there is stables in ourvbackyard.I have a horse called bailey and a dog called puff.Bailey is a white horse and puff is a yorkshire terrier hes brown and black.It was getting late and i have school tommorow.I went to bed thinking about Niall.Does he miss me,will he forget me?As i was thinking i went off to a deep sleep.




guys sorry about the delay but i had no sccess to the internet.Im trying my best at this book and a much thanks to you guys for reading it.I really apreciate that :)

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