Is He The One? (Niall Horan fanfiction)

Michelle has been friends with Niall Horan since they were small.Michelle has to move out of Ireland and live in England.One day Niall goes and auditions for the x factor.Will she meet him?Will more things happen between their friendship?Well read on and you'll find out :)


22. Partying Michelles p.o.v

We finally arrived at the shop and got out of the car.We walked inside and i looked at Niall.His face was shocked when he saw the amount of little crystals and diamonds and dresses that shine with the little crystals and Diamonds."Michelle are you going to buy a dress that shines like a star?" he asked me with shock."Yup its going to be pink" i said."Do all girl travellers wear that kind of dresses?" he asked me."Yess Niall i'll shine like a star for you" i said laughing."Hello we're here to collect the pink and heart ruffled dress" my mom said to the lady selling those dresses."Yes just follow me i'll show you the dress and you can try it on" said the lady that was selling the dresses.


We nodded our heads and followed her to the dressing rooms.I got into the dressing room and the lady gave me the dress.It was pink dress and as a top it had a pink heart.My front legs were uncovered and the back legs were covered.The skirt was also pink and ruffled.I striped down to my underwear and tried to put it onb but it was too heavy."MOM ITS TOO F***ING HEAVY I CANT PUT IT ON" i screamed.Then my mom came rushing in and she forgot to close the door.My sisters came with us and they saw me with my underwear and started laughing.Niall was just staring at me and the lady was playing on her phone."MOM CLOSE THE F***ING DOOR" I screamed."Oh sorry hunny" she said closing the door.I just stood there staring at her angrily."Sorry Michelle im foregetable" she said."You're forgiven" i said.I heard Niall laughing."Niall stop laughing or im gonna get out there and punch ya in the face" i shouted.Silence.My mom tried to pull the dress on with my help."Finally,these dresses are so heavy" i said."Yeah they are" my mom said.I walked out of the dressing room and showed the dress to Niall.I done my traveller dance and my mom started commenting that i looked faboulous and stuff like that.Niall came up to me and huged me and leaned into my face to give him a kiss.I gave him a pasionate kiss.He broke the kiss and and huged me from behind."This is my girl" he said to my mom and sisters."Michelle im happy you have a lovely and caring boyfriend" my mom said."Yeah" i said and looked into Nialls ocean blue eyes.They were very beautiful.This is my dress:  (Don't mind the person in the photo)






Then i had a party costume which i will use to dance.I had a matching crown to the costumes.I looked apsolutely stunning.Here is a link what the shoes and the dresses look like:


My mom took the clothes and shoes and It was my sisters turn to try on their dresses.Havilah was really excited to try her costume on because she was meant to be marrying a man so she needed to look the nicest.Ellie was thirteen so she didint really care yet.Havilah had only a dress because she said she wanted to look sexy and stuff.I just rolled my eyes at what she said.Havilah tried the dress what she ordered.It was a short dress with lots of little diamonds on it.She also had turquoise high heels.She tried it on and she looked gorgous."Wow Sista you look gorgous" i said smiling at her."Thanks Michelle" she said coming over and giving me a hug."Your welcome and i hope you find your true traveller love" i said patting her back."My daughters are so beautiful" my mom said."Yeah your daughters are beautiful" Niall said winking at me.I blushed a bit.Here was my sisters outfit:









My sister changed back into her clothes and i took her dress.It was Ellie's turn to try her dress on.It was an orange dress with little crystals all over the top and the skirt was just ruffled.Ellie had high heels to it,but mom didint allow her to have really big high heels.She says shes still too small.Well i dont think so.She went in to the dressing room and got changed she came out wearing her dress and high heels."Beautiful" everyone said.Heres the dress and high heels:






I know that the high heels are still kinda big,but anyway,My mom doesnt care how big our high heels are.Ellie changed back and we went to pay.Sandra Celli done those dresses for us."10,592 Pounds"said the lady that was selling the clothes."Here you go" my mom said."Thank you for shoping here" the lady said.We hoped into the car and headed home to get ready for the party.When we got home i put my dress on and curled my long blond hair."Hey Michelle" said Niall coming in while i was curling my hair."Hey Niall did you ever notice my hair" i said to him."Yeah you dyed it" he said."Its lovely ,but i was too busy to tell you that" he said."Alright" i said.I was done and i checked on my sisters if they were done.I walked to Havilahs room and knocked."Wha" i  heard."Are ye ready" i asked her."Yeah she said coming out."Lets go check on Niall,mum and Ellie" she said.I nodded my head and we walked to Ellies room.We knocked harshly at the door."ARE YE READY" we shouted."Ye im coming and could you not knock at my room like that" she said coming out with lots of makeup on herself.We could see she had long glittery eyelashes eyeliner,foundation,lipstick and lots of little diamonds glu i said.ed around her eyes."You look fab and shiny" i said."Yeah need to if i want to get married young,duh lets go check on mum" she said.We walked to our parents bedrom and knocked."Mum dad are yous ready" we shouted."Yeah we are coming downstairs in 5 minutes" my mom shouted."Okay see ya downstairs"Havilah shouted.We walked to Nialls room.I knocked calmly on the door."Babe are you coming downstairs" i shouted."Yeah iam" he said walking out of the door."Okay Nialler im just going to put eyelashes on and little diamonds so i look shiny" i said giving him a kiss on the cheek.He nodded his head and went downstairs.I went to my bedroom and started to glue my eyelashes on. They looked like this:


I went downstairs and everyone was waiting for me."Ready Michelle" my dad asked me."Yup" i said and we walked to my dads limo.Jenny drove us to the party.My family from Ireland are coming to my Aunties party.Travellers go to partys to make new friends or to find a husband or a wife.Sometimes some travellers come to your parties and you dont even know them.Most of my Family from my moms side lives in England,Ireland and America.So they're coming over for the party too.The owners sometimes dont know were travellers and if they dont travellers and if they find out we're travellers they will kick us out.I know were a little too wild,but thats our culture we cant change it.We finally arrived and walked in to the hotel we had the party in.We weren't the last or the first to come.My mom sat by a table that had six chairs.I grabbed out Niall to the dancefloor and we started dancing."Wow there is a lot of travellers here" he said while we were dancing."Yeah there will be more i guess" i said."Can you dance like those girls" he asked me pointing to the girls that danced their belly dances and stuff."Yeah do you want to see" i asked him."Yeah i wanna see you do it" he said."Okay" i said and started dancing the traveller dance.I moved my hips like travellers did and his eyes just followed my body."You dance better than those girls" he said getting closer to me.He move into me and crashed into my lips.I broke the kiss and said "You're a great kisser Niall"."Really?" he asked me raising an eyebrow."Yup" i said and  a slow song came on.He huged me tight and we had fun on the dancefloor dancing.Then i left him and danced with my sisters.Havilah found her true love.His name was Luke and he was a traveller.Ellie danced with some other boy ,but i dunno she kept on changeing with who she was dancing.The party ended and we had to go home.When we arrived at home i took my eyelashes off and took a shower.I changed into my pink pjs and went to sleep.Then i heard knocking on the door."WHAT CANT I F**KING GO TO SLEEP" I shouted.I seen Niall walking into the room."Sorry babe i hate that bed" he said."Here you can sleep with me" i said inviting him over."Okay" he said jumping beside me and started huging into me."Niall i love you" i said with my eyes closed."I love you too" he said kissing the back of my head.I couldint sleep."Niall are you still asleep?' i asked him."No,but i was about to" he said."I cant sleep can you sing to me?" i asked him."Yeah" he said and started singing 'I would'.Then i fell asleep in his voice and arms.
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