Is He The One? (Niall Horan fanfiction)

Michelle has been friends with Niall Horan since they were small.Michelle has to move out of Ireland and live in England.One day Niall goes and auditions for the x factor.Will she meet him?Will more things happen between their friendship?Well read on and you'll find out :)


1. Going to England Michelles p.o.v.





Michelles p.o.v


Today im going to England.I'll miss Niall preety well.I'm Irish hes Irish we like each other.I first met him in playschool.It was the best time of my life.I was four and he was five when we met each other.I can't forget it.I remember we used to fight a lot.I always took a piece of a block or something like that and threw it straight at his head.But i was joking of course.Now im 15 and have a crush on Niall since i was 12.We were close friends and i didint want to make our friendship into love.Anyways i dont think he feels the same way as i do.I hear knocking on the door." Im getting the door mom".I went downstairs and opened the door.I see Niall there with his lovely smile.."Hi" I said excitely."Hello Michelle you're packed up?said Niall sounding a bit unsure.I replied ye and i let him in into the hall."I love the way your house smells Michelle mmmm"said Niall."Haha Niall you always say that,where do you want to go today Nialler?" "Well we could go to Nandos and then go jumping around trees."Alright" Mom can i have 20 euro?"I said chuckling.Yes chicken just come back home for 5 o'clock hun."I grabbed the money from my moms hand and jumped out of the door.Niall came running after me."Michelle?Wait for meh?said Niall squeling."Alright baby"i said smirking at him.We went to Nandos and ordered some food.I ordered a wrap and a salad.Niall of course ordered a bunch of stuff i got fed up of waiting.We ate for about 1 hour,i of course finished first.So i decided to make a use out of it.I said i would go to the bathroom,but i didint.Instead i ordered something cheap and went behind Niall.I started mashing the food on his  blonde hair.I couldint stop laughing.Niall grabed his ice-cream and me out of the door.He started throwing the ice-cream on my clothes."NIALL JAMES HORAN!!!" I screamed."MICHELLE VICTORIA KELLY?"he yelled.We stared st each other for 2 minutes making funny faces.We suddenly went home to change and shower.I came home running trying to be first to go outside."Michelle are ye going back outside?"my mom said in an Irish accent."yess mum im going to use the last time in a while with Niall".I went to take a quick shower and dressed into high denim shorts,a blue polo,a adidas turquise jumper and american design vans.I rushed to Nialls house and knocked on the door.I've seen Niall running down the stairs.He opened the door screaming BOO!! I've seen ye Niall i said yawning."Uhhhh really i thought im gonna scare ye".I said in my mind stupid.We went to our favourite meeting place.It was an old building inside a park called Corkagh Park.We went there and sat talking about what is going to happen next.We were both very quite.Suddenly he said i will miss you very much.I started bawling my eyes out.He went over to hug me and said its going to be alright."Niall promise you will write to me?please."He stared at me with disbelief."Did you silly girl think im not going to write to you? he said smirking.I started laughing.."NO! i wanted to be sure Nialler.Good Michelle he said staring me in the eyes.It was getting late and i had to go.Niall took me by his arm and skipped to my house."Im going yo miss you Nialler!I'm going to text you everyday i said crying.He wiped my tears of my cheeks."Dont cry Michelle it will be fine and i will send you texts asswell everyday he said smiling at me."Michelle its time to go, your stuff are in the van and now c'mon! my mom said screaming.I jumped into the van and waved goodbye to Niall.


Hello guys im Minxiy.This is my first book so guys i hope you enjoy reading this chapter.I will try to make a chapter everyday since I've got school and especially work to do at home thanksies bye love yas.


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