Is He The One? (Niall Horan fanfiction)

Michelle has been friends with Niall Horan since they were small.Michelle has to move out of Ireland and live in England.One day Niall goes and auditions for the x factor.Will she meet him?Will more things happen between their friendship?Well read on and you'll find out :)


17. Girlie Sleepover Michelles p.o.v

Britney drove me home and we decided to have a sleepover."Do you want my pjs?" i asked Britney."Yes please if you have any spares" she said."Of course i do hun,here!" i said and then threw the pjs to her."Thanks" she said and changed into my bunny pyjamas.She looked so cute in them.I hoped into my pink pyjamas with my pink furry slippers.I handed over my blue furry slippers to Britney.When we were changed i took the Mama movie and turned it on.Britney took the pillows and covers and placed them in the living room.I went to the kitchen and made popcorn.Our maid came into the kitchen."Alex could you make me the goodie table you make with lots of sweets and ice-cream you make?" i asked Alex."Sure, what do you want on it and where you want me to bring it?" she asked me."Jellies, choclate,vanilla,strawberry,bubblegum,mint ice-cream, the popcorn im making,cheese and onion crisps and those red,long jellies please and bring it to the living room" i said."Okay ill be there in a few" she said.I nodded my head and ran up to my bedroom.I took my laptop,nail polishes and makeup.I ran downstairs with them and went into the living room.Britney was watching the movie."Wheres the food she said with a worried face."Alex is making her goodie table and shes bringing it here calm down okay?" i said looking at her surprised.I placed the stuff on the covers and went under beside Britney."Uhhh im just hungry sorry Michelle" she said with her eyes glued to the tv."Its okay Brit"I said laughing.Then Alex came in with her goodie table."FOOD" Me and Britney screamed at the same time.We got up and ran up towards the table."Calm down girls now enjoy eating and the sleepover!" Alex screamed while walking out of the living room."THANKS ALEX!" we shouted.We pushed the table towards our covers and took the ice-cream out and spoons.We landed on the covers.We climbed under the covers and both looked at the ice-cream and then up at each other.We laughed and we started gulping down the ice-cream while watching the movie.We finished the ice-cream and i decided to go on skype.Britney went over to the table and picked out some jellies and crisps.I went onto Skype and seen if Niall was online.He was so i decided to call him."Im calling Niall on skype" i said almost singing it out to Britney."Cool im coming over to see him!" she said shouting.She took her iphone and jellies and lied down beside me.She checked her phone and took some red jellies to her mouth.Finally Niall answered."Nialll i miss you hows the x factor babe?" i said."Hello my princess i miss you too the x factor is fine ,but im tired" he said yawning.Britney jumped up and said "Hi Niall im Michelles best friend!"."Britney shut up or he'll bring Hazza here!" i said looking at her seriously."Hi Britney....Michelle that wasnt kind"he said grining at me."Whos Hazza?" Britney said.Harry comes up naked up to the camera."Im Hazza" Harry says behing Niall hiding his privacy.Britney blushed."Cool i was wondering whos Hazza, but now i know,does he always walk naked?" Britney said."Haha his name is Harry , but we call him Hazza and no he doesnt always walk naked sometimes do you want to see the rest of the band!" Niall said."Yeah sure"Britney said."BOYS COME HERE MEET MY GIRLFRIENDS FRIEND!" Niall screamed.Then we could hear footsteps and laughing coming closer.Me and Britney saw 4 boys in the camera and Niall siting on a bed."This is Louis Tomlinson,Zayn Malik,Liam Payne and Harry Styles" he said showing Britney who Everyone was."Hi Britney" they said together."Hi boys"Britney said waving at them.I seen Britney blushing so it means she fancys someone."Guys i gotta talk to Britney for a moment could you wait?" i said grabbing Britneys arm.They nodded and i went to the kitchen with Britney."Who do you like Brit?" i said."Um Harry looks hot..." she said."Great we can go on a double date me,Niall,you and Harry!" i said.She nodded and said "Please dont tell him yet ok?" she said."Yes i promise hun" i said huging her tight.We went back inside the living room and talked with the boys for another 10 minutes and they had to go."Bye Nialller i love you babe have  a nice sleep!"i said blowing him a kiss."Have Fun Michelle and thanks love you too honey!" he said blowing me a kiss asswellThen i hang up and took my teddy and went under the covers beside Britney."Dont worry Britney we'll tell him in a while" i said rubbing her hair."Yeah"she said and cuddled beside me i turned the tv off and we went to sleep.



I woke up beside Britney with a scent of waffles."Wake up somebody is making waffles!" i said jumping on Britney.She jumped up and we ran into the kitchen.I could see Alex making us waffles with choclate and strawberrys."Yummm thanks Alex" i said while grabbing my plate ."Thanks Alex"said Britney grabbing her plate..We went inside the living room and turned Disney Channel.We watched shake it up while we ate.We finished eating and we went to change.I changed into my pink dress and my creamy high heels.I brushed my blonde and ice blue hair.I wonder why Niall didint notice my hair yesterday.Maybe he was just tired.I walked ou of my bedroo and seen britney dressed in a pink juicy tracksuit.She looked gorgeous.It was time for me to get myself a car.Me and Britney decided to drive to her favorite car salon to get me the newest ferrari.We go into Britneys car  and drove to the salon.When we arrived we started looking at the newest ferraris.I decided for a pink ferrari.I know thats my favorite colour.So we bought the car and i got into it.I drove home in my car and Britney drove in hers.We had school today in 10 minutes.We drove quickly to our school and parked our cars.We grabbed our books and went inside for our lessons.Thats what happened for the next month when it reached the double date and the final for the x factor.


Minxiy wrote this chapter.

Cherry decided she will write chapters every friday and saturday.(Maybe Sundays)So guys i need to go now bye !Hope you enjoyed reading this chapter :) love yous!

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