Is He The One? (Niall Horan fanfiction)

Michelle has been friends with Niall Horan since they were small.Michelle has to move out of Ireland and live in England.One day Niall goes and auditions for the x factor.Will she meet him?Will more things happen between their friendship?Well read on and you'll find out :)


5. finding michelle niall p.o.v

''WAKE UP BRO...''!!!!!! shouted sean in my left ear. '' what? what's happening ?'' i said '' we are going swimming that's what's happening!!!!!'' said sean as if nothing had happened yesterday.'' no, thanks sean '' i said '' i dont really feel like it''.  ''well i dont care!! youre either coming free willingly or i'll drag you! your choice.'' said sean irritably '' OK OK!!!! i'll go free willingly if that's ok? and have you ever heard the phrase keep you hands to yourself or i'll box your eye out? i guess not!!'' i said  a bit agitated and on the verge of actually boxing  my own eye out. As i headed for the bathroom, sean threw a pillow at me, i dodged it and locked the door quickly behind me. why was sean my friend again? i couldnt think of a reason why. i wish Michelle was here, she would tell me to stop being silly and look at the bright side. michelle. i love her.


michelle p.o.v

''good morning mom''i said yawning as i walked down the stairs to the kitchen. ''' uuummm'' i said trying to figure out what that gorgous smell was. when i reached the kitchen right on the table were honey glazed pancakes and waffles with fresh strawberries '' you like what you see?'' asked mom. '' yes i do, can i eat it now?'' i asked a bit ravenous '' sure honey, dig in!'' said my mom sitting oppsoite me  on the dining table. '' is iz oooooo ummmy!!!!'' i said with my mouth full '' an ooooootttt !!!'' i said hailf laughing. '' that's what you get for not taking your time when you eat!!!'' said my mom carefully cutting her pancakes and pouring chocolate sauce over it.'' yeah, yeah'' i said not listening and stuffing some waffles in my mouth which ended up being twice as hot, cuz she made them last. to cool it down i squeezed some chocolate sauce into my mouth. '' ahhhhh'' i said cooling down.'' what would your dad say about that?, youre lucky he's on a buissness trip in south america!!'' said my mom'' really lucky actually,'' i said '' he would probably ban pancakes and waffles and make me eat porridge till i'm 18, which is a actually not that far away since i'm 15'' i said nodding my head to the music on the radio that was playing . '' michelle, i forgot to tell you, Niall called he's in England he.......''said my mom.  '' WHAT?, niall is in ENGLAND, NOW??????''' i screamed '''' but, but HE WAS meant to be HERE in IRELAND!!!!'' '' calm down, michelle he wanted to surprise you, he said he entered the x-factor and got through and when he came to tell you the news we.............''  said my mom trying to explain '' we were gone.....''' i said interupting her for the second time.'' he entered the x-factor? i'm looking him up......''' i said curious '' ......... i want to see him singing, he never told me he liked singing......'. i said, mumbling.  I watched the clip of him singing' your so precious to me 'and it stopped my heart. '' he's wonderful......'' i said drifting off again i went up to my room and called him '' hello'' i said '' HI!!!''said Niall '' how are you?'' he asked me'' fine '' i said '' Niall'' i asked '' yeah'' he replied '' i need to tell you something, something that i've been keeping for a long time'' i said '' me too'' he said.  My heart raced,'' Niall turn on your skype, i want to see you'' i said








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