Is He The One? (Niall Horan fanfiction)

Michelle has been friends with Niall Horan since they were small.Michelle has to move out of Ireland and live in England.One day Niall goes and auditions for the x factor.Will she meet him?Will more things happen between their friendship?Well read on and you'll find out :)


20. Final of X factors part 2 Nialls p.o.v

We were pretty nervous.The song played and we started singing.When we finished i was shacking with fear.Then we went backstage and Michelle came running towards me.She jumped on me and i nearly fell over."Niall you were great" she said crying on my shoulder."COUGH COUGH" the boys coughed."Oh well guys you know you were great" she said while kissing each of them on the cheek.Michelle had this power that it made boys go weak in the knees.I was jealous because shes mine and she gave them a kiss on the cheek.I seen my parents and sean running towards me."Niall and of course you boys were great"my parents said huging me tight."Lad you were great and you boys too" said Sean huging me."Thanks everyone" i said."Thanks" the boys said.We waited for the judges to pick a winner a few minutes and then we had to go on stage again.I was very nervous now.I was shacking with fear i didint know if we we will lose or win."You guys were all great, but the winner is only ONE!" the host said."The winner is.... Matt Cradle!" the host announced."Secound place..... ( I dont have a bloody clue) and 3rd place ONE DIRECTION!" thw host said.I was holding back my tears,but i couldint it was too sad.We practised all day long to win this contest.I could see the boys about to cry and i was already crying.Then everyone started cheering and jumping for Matt,but not us.Confetti came from the top and the crowd went mad.Me and the boys looked at each other."We lost"Harry said."I know i cant believe it" Zayn said."We practised all days long to win this" Louis said."At least we've got each other" Liam said."Dont guys be upset about this shit,but i cant stop crying,lets be happy for Matt" i said wiping my tears away."Yeah " Louis and Harry shouted.Then we ran to Matt and Congratulated him.He was very happy seeing us congratulating him.Then we walked backstage.Michelle walked up to me with a smile on her face."Niall its okay you guys are great to me" she said huging me as i started balling my eyes out onto her shoulder.Then my parents came rushing to me.They said it will be alright and i agreed.They went over to comfort the boys.They seemed very happy after they comforted them.Then i seen Simon coming up to us."Hello boys you done really well and me and Cher decided to give you contract for a music video will yee agree?" he asked us."OMG YESS" We all shouted at the same time."Thanks Simon" i said to him."No problem" he said while walking away.The boys ran after Simon and thanked him.We went back with the boys to boothcamp to pack our stuff.When we packed we headed to our homes and in  2 weeks we would be making our first music video 'What makes you beautiful'.



My parents and Sean were heading back to Ireland today.I had to drive them to the airport.We got into my car and i drove them to the airport.I said my goodbyes and drove to Michelles flat.I was staying at her house till i get some money to rent my own house.We were going to write a few songs with the boys after the music video.Then when we would have our album done we would go on tour.I am such a lucky boy.


Michelles p.o.v

I was very proud of Niall and the boys i always wanted to have a brother and now i have five of them.Well four because im dating Niall.But i think he still counts.I have a older and a smaller sister.My older sister is 21 and her name is Havilah.My smaller sister is 13 and her name is Ellie.They are both very annoying.My dog puff only likes me because i dont tease him EVER.I love Niall very much and he doesnt really know me like my culture.Iam a Irish Traveller.My mom is one, but my dad isn't.Thats why i have long hair,i have horses and im rich.I go to get fake tan once a week.I love my culture,but im scared Niall won accept it.People think Travellers rob and they're thieves,but some of them dont rob like us.My dad likes Travellers, but hes not one.I dont go to weddings and Christenings because i hate going there.I want to be normal like other girls.Finally when im eighteen i can move out and live with Niall.Im just seventeen so one more year to go.I hear a knock on the door its probably Niall.I have to tell him about me.Anyways i love the 'Bling' every girl thats an Irish Traveller loves the short and glittery dresses or the huge puffy wedding dresses they have.You can fell like a princess wearing those clothes.I run downstairs and open the door."IM GETTING THE DOOR" i screamed.I ran and opened the door."Hello Nialler welcome to the Kellys house" i said smirking at Niall."Hello miss Kelly can i move to your house for a while" Niall said giving me a peck on the lips."Of course come in Babe" i said."Niall lets go upstairs" i said."Okay" he said while droping his bags on the floor."Alex could you bring Nialls suitcases up to the blue bedroom" i screamed to Alex."Yes sure" she said while taking them upstairs."Im a kidnaper!" Niall shouted and flung me over his shoulder.He carried me upstairs to my bedroom.I was trying to get off him, BUT HIS ARMS WERE TOO STRONG."NIALL PUT ME DOWN!!" I screamed."No" he said laughing.He threw me on my bed."Niall you asshole" i said punching him on the shoulder playfully."Im not an asshole im your prince" he said kissing me on the lips."Niall i gotta tell you something" i said."Go on whats it you wanna tell me" he said stroking my hair."Wait i will show you it" i said going to my wardrobe getting my traveller mini skirt and top.They were very shiny and had lots of little diamonds on it.I took my pink matching heels to it."Im gonna change and you'll see the real me Niall" i said going into the bathroom.He was confused because he had his WTF? face on.I changed into it and let my hair down to look like a traveller.I looked into the mirror and i looked totally like a traveller.I was shacking he wouldint accept me.I walked out and his mouth was wide open."Michelle im confused, what were you meant to show me?" he said."Niall im a..a..a.. Irish traveller" i chocked out."Im gobsmacked why didint you tell me earlier?" he asked."I thought you wouldint accept me and i thought you'd be scared of me" i said and a tear fell from my eye."Michelle how could you think that i love you and i would accept you as everything" he said walking over to hug me."Really Niall so you are not ashamed that you are dating a traveller?" i asked."No i love you as yourself and i will never leave you and anyways you look sexy in that costume have you got more?" he asked me."Yeah a couple lot of dresses and heels" i said."Cool be yourself hunny" he said kissing me on the forehead."Its getting late Niall i have to go to sleep i have school tommorow" i said."Okay babe goodnight" he said walking out of the door to his bedroom.I changed into my pjs and went to sleep.After a while i hear knocking on my door."WHAT!"i shouted.I could see Niall walking inside."I cant sleep could i sleep with you?" he asked me."Yeah i missed you already" i said smirking at him and pating a space beside me."Just dont have nighmares sleeping in an pink bedroom" i said."I wont if im with you" he said runing down to a space beside me.He cuddled into me.He put his arms me and we went to sleep.


Hey guys its Minxiy im trying to write a chapter now because i have my Easter holidays,but Cherry is annoyed now because im pushing her to write alot of chapters.Shes trying to get away from me but i wont be pushing her anymore.I will be looking for co-authors so please comment to be a co-author.Follow m on twitter Minxyxxxx.I need followers badly.I need also suggestions for the book because im runing out of them.Thanks guys love ya.iM NOT A TRAVELLER! I JUST LIKE THEM!

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