Is He The One? (Niall Horan fanfiction)

Michelle has been friends with Niall Horan since they were small.Michelle has to move out of Ireland and live in England.One day Niall goes and auditions for the x factor.Will she meet him?Will more things happen between their friendship?Well read on and you'll find out :)


19. Final of X factor Nialls p.o.v

Yesterday i went to sleep at 12.Me and the boys had rehearsals all the time after mine and harrys double date.We were practicing for the final today.I was very nervous.I woke up at 10 am and got off my bed.The boys were still asleep.Weird i said to myself.I went downstairs to have my breakfast.I took milk and cereal out.I poured the milk into a bowl and then put the cereal inside.I took my bowl and sat at the table and ate in silence.5 Mins later i could hear laughing and teasing on Harry.I seen the boys coming inside the kitchen.They were so busy teasing him that they didint notice me at all."Haha Harrys got a girlfriend" they started singing.I walked over to them."Oh hi Niall we didint see you" Liam said."Good and stop teasing Harry its normal,i have a girlfriend asswell,so STOP IT!" i said."Uh hes right" said Louis."Yeah lets leave him alone" Zayn said."Thanks Niall that was pretty annoying i couldint hear myself think" Harry said."No problem lad that was easy to do" i said while washing my bowl.I could hear Harry walk away.I went upstairs to our bedroom and got changed.I could hear the door open.I looked around and seen Liam there."Hey Niall we got to practice for the show later on c'mon downstairs lad" Liam said."Okay Liam i'll be there in a moment" i said.He nodded his head and walked out of the room.I grabbed my iphone 5 and went downstairs.I seen the boys in my Mclaren.Uhhh why my car.I walked over to the car and hoped in."Buckle your seatbelts" i said.After that i heard clicking.I drove to the studeo where we practised for the show.We finally arrived and Liam was daddy directioner so he had to check if everything was okay.He looked if we were all there and walked to the studeo.We practised till five and we were really tired.We finally decided to finish our practising.We got our stuff and walked to my Mclaren."My throat is sore from the singing" Harry said."You will have to survive to the show later on" i said smirking at him.He hit me playfully in the shoulder."OW what was that for?" i asked him."Its for you because you were annoying me" Harry said."Haha Harry thinks im annoying" i said smirking while turning the car on.We drove back to the place were we will be having our final and then we will have to get dressed and we will have to get makeup on.I hate makeup only girls should wear it.


We finally got there.We hoped out of my car and headed to our dressing rooms.My makeup artist should be here any minute.Her name is Jennifer.Michelle,my parents and Sean are coming to see me perform with the boys.Were gonna sing 'Torn'.I really liked that song.I hear knocking on the door."Come in" i shout.I look at the door and theres Jennifer."Hello Niall im here to do your makeup and clothes for today" Jennifer said entering the room."I know come on we have only an hour to the show Jen" i said siting down on the chair."Okay Niall im coming dont worry" she said calming me down a bit."Sorry Jen im just a bit nervous about the show" i said checking my twitter.I tweeted 'Hey guys a bit nervous about the show'.Jennifer started doing my hair.When she was done she started putting makeup on me."Ugh i hate makeup especially foundation" i said moaning."Its alright Niall i understand every boy hates makeup, if you want to be famous you have to wear it" she said."I know, but i hate that" i said moaning."Niall stop moaning its very annoying im nearly finished" she said."Sorry haha im very annoying i know" i said smirking."Okay finished now Niall you will wear this tonight" she siad while handing me the clothes."Thanks im gonna get changed now so can you leave please and thanks for the makeup" i said."You're welcome Niall bye for now,Good luck" she said walking out of the door.I quickly changed into the clothes she gave me.'I look nice in this i said to myself.Suddenly my thoughts were errupted by knocking on the door."come in" i said.I looked at the door and i saw Michelle walking in."Michelle babe i missed you very much over the month" i said runing over to her and kissing her passionately."Niall i missed you too you cant believe how much i missed you" she said kissing me back."Oh Michelle you are so beautiful when you're aroung me" i said huging her tight."haha Niall you're making me blush oh your parents want to talk to you and Sean aswell" she said."Okay lets go to them where are they?" i asked her."Just outside the door Niall" she said."Okay lets go" i said walking out with Michelle my hand around her waist.I could see my parents there with Sean waiting.My parents divorced when i was five it was very hard for me and Greg."Hi mom and dad" i said while huging each one of them."Hello my friend Sean" i said while huging him as tight as i could."I knew you liked Michelle Niall" Sean said smirking at the both of us."Oh Niall you're such a big boy now" My mom said coming over and huging me."I know mum" i said huging her back.I wasnt embarrased of my parents.I wasnt embarresed giving them a kiss or a hug in public.I dont care they're my parents i love them."Niall i didint think that you would go that far, but we're the Horans we will always get there where we want" my dad said huging me."Haha i knew you would say that dad" i said.I seen the boys runing over to me."Niall we have to go its our turn to sing. we're on in 5 mins" Louis said."Okay i'll be there in a minute" i said.The boys ran backstage to get ready."Okay guys i have to go now wish us good luck" i said to Michelle, my parents and Sean."Niall i love you try your best, it doesnt matter if you guys lose,i'll still be happy you've tried out for the x factor" Michelle said and then gave me a kick on the butt for good luck."Thanks i love you" i said and gave her a peck on the cheek.I ran to the boys."Okay Niall practise your part now" Zayn said.I sang my part and then the man called us on stage.I was very nervous and the boys were aswell.

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