Is He The One? (Niall Horan fanfiction)

Michelle has been friends with Niall Horan since they were small.Michelle has to move out of Ireland and live in England.One day Niall goes and auditions for the x factor.Will she meet him?Will more things happen between their friendship?Well read on and you'll find out :)


9. England :)

Michelles p.o.v

"Thanks Niall" i said to him kissing him passionately."Your face went red when i said condoms"he said giggling."Your such a pervet"i said whispering into his ear.He smacked my bum playfully.I grabbed him upstairs and climbed on top of him,kissing him passionately."Oh shit we have only 1 hour to pack"he said mumbling.I went off him and grabbed my pink suitcases.C'mon Niall pack you lepreachan i screamed.He got off the bed took his suitcase and started packing.I got some bras and knickers and started packing it all in.All my clothes were in England now so i had just forgotten some things.I got some pads incase i got my period on the plane."Michelle you havent opened your present yet" he said to me.I went downstairs and got the package.Ill open it upstairs.Ive seen Nialls face lit up.I slowly opened the package.There was a red heart box.I slowly opened it.I put my hand over my mouth to not scream.I started crying."Niall thank you very much!I love you Nialler" i said while bawling my eyes out.He ran over to me and huged me tight.He took out the ring and placed it on my finger."I got myself one,that you know that your heart is taken"Niall said with a big smile on his face. We finished packing and it was time to head back to England.We all got into a white limo i mean we:Michelle,David,her parents and me.



We got out and went into a jet."Ive never been in a jet before"Niall said with his mouth open.I laughed.We got in and we were about to leave Ireland when a tear fell from his eye.I looked at him."Niall whats wrong? i said staring at him with a wtf face." I cant believe im leaving my country with the girl i love"he said kissing me on the cheek.We went to sleep for the 25 mins.My mom woke me up.I woke Niall up."Babe we landed, we're going to Mcdonalds"I said to Niall."MCDONALDS"he screamed."Yes Niall,mcdonalds.He jumped out and we were heading to our car.Niall was licking his lips instantly."CALM DOWN NIALL ITS SHIT ANNOYING"i screamed."Ok princess, but im shit hungry"he said kissing my cheek.We finally arrived at Mcdonalds.Niall ran to the door.Why is he hungry ALWAYS!? i said to myself.I walked in and Niall was waiting for me."Babe can you pay"he said to me with puppy eyes."Niall of course i will why would i not pay? " i said staring at him confused."Hehe because boys usually pay for their girlfriends" he said sounding a bit cheeky.I rolled my eyes."What ye want Niall" i asked him."Hmmmm i want Big Mac meal,Chicken burger meal,Wrap with crispy chicken and bacon meal,6 chicken nuggets twice and 3 three drinks that will be fanta,coke and Sprite,Oh and it has to be a bigger meal" he said to me while rubbing his stomach.I went to the cashier and said:Big Mac meal,Chicken burger meal, Wrap with crispy chicken and bacon twice, 6 boxes of chicken nuggets and 6 drinks sprite two times,fanta two times,1 white coffee,one coke and a Mcflurry with strawberry sauce and oreo please oh and the meals have to be bigger.It took about 10 minutes to make the food.I got the food and Niall helped me because thatwas alot of food.We walked to the car and drove home.... We finally made it home.I ran up to Bailey (My horse).I got him a carrot and he munched on it.I got my saddle,bridle and a neckstrap.I put the gear on and drove through our big huge garden which was in the countryside.I trotted to our field which had a country track.I started galloping when I've seen Niall cantering towards me on Commanche."Your food will get cold" he said."Wanna have a race babe?"I asked him.1...2...3... go! i shouted we raced and of course i had more experience with horses but bailey is preety lazy so i didint win."YAY" i won said Niall.We put the horses into their stables and ran into the kitchen.Niall got lost a few times because he wasnt used to mansions.We sat at the table and startet to munch our food down.Tommorow is Nialls best day because hes going to the x factor.I hope he'll find friends there.Anyway ill with him to keep him not lonely.I love Niall very much.Hes my little lepreachan.Its getting late so iwent  to have a shower.I forgot to bring my pyjamas,so i called Niall."Niall can you get my pyjamas?"i screamed.Nobody was coming so i took on a towel over my body and walked out of the bathroom.I can see my pyjamas i walk over and bend to get them.I've turned around and seen Niall covering his eyes."Sorry babe,i didint mean to you called me so i ran up to see whats going on"he said embaressed.I went over to him and kissed his cheek."Niall i want to be with you all my life,you will see my body lots of times" i said to him.He nodded and he put pyjamas on himself.I quickly got into the bathroom and changed.I come in and theres a sleeping Niall in my bed.Nialls birthday was in 2 days he would be 17.I walked to Niall and cuddled into him.I drifted off to sleep with my one and only prince.


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