Is He The One? (Niall Horan fanfiction)

Michelle has been friends with Niall Horan since they were small.Michelle has to move out of Ireland and live in England.One day Niall goes and auditions for the x factor.Will she meet him?Will more things happen between their friendship?Well read on and you'll find out :)


21. Emotions Michelles p.o.v

I woke up in Nialls arms.I realised im the luckiest girl on earth.I tried to get out of Nialls arms as quite as i could to not wake him up.Puff was in his cuddly basket.I slipped out of Nialls arms.I looked at him and saw that his hair was a mess.I went to and grabbed my phone.I checked the time and it was eight in the morning."SHIT I'LL BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!" i screamed.I covered my mouth.I realised i screamed it out.I dont wont to wake that moaning zombie.Hes very slow in the morning.I went to take a shower.When i was done i got out in my towel outside and picked out what to wear to school.I was the most popular in school with my friend Britney.I needed to look rich and famous every time i went to school.I just hate that.Why does my dad has to be rich?Cant i go to public school?Darn my lifes a waste.I picked out a lime dress with buttons going down half way through the dress and a black belt to match the lime kinda colour.What the f**k Niall hasn't said a comment about my hair yet.Whats wrong with him?It was like a f***ing month.Maybe he doesn't like it?I dont know.Pffff.I got my black heels to match the lime colour.The Cladagh ring Niall gave me and a gold necklace with my name.I plated my hair blond and ice lue long hair.Heres the outfit:


Cladagh ring:




I looked stunning and then i felt hands on my waist.I looked behind me and saw Niall."Goodmorning Niall"I said while pecking him on the lips."Goodmorning princess,ready for school?" he said kissing me back."Yeah put a shirt on stop teasing me Nialler" i said walking away."Alright i will honey am i really teasing you?' he said smirking at me."Pretty much" i said winking at him.He smirked and i walked downstairs to get breakfast.I walked into the kitchen and saw my mom making scrambled eggs."Hi mom wheres Alex?" i asked her."Oh hello honey,shes at home i decided to be a mother so we dont have a maid now" she said giving me a kiss on the forehead."Oh really because we're travellers mum and we are like maids ourselves" i said shouting and sounding sarcasticly.My mom made a sad face and looked up at me."I knew Michelle you would hate our culture,but live with it its not going to change!" she shouted at me."Yeah cuz im f**king ashamed of that! People laugh at me i just hate it mom" i screamed out and burst out crying.Then Niall came into the kitchen.I ran past him and ran to my car.Niall came running after me."Michelle he called.I stoped at my car and curled up into a ball crying."Michelle whats wrong?" he asked.I kept on crying.I went over to me and huged me."Niall i had a fight with my mum" i said through my crys."About what?" he asked me stroking my braided hair."About our culture" i said and stoped crying."Michelle i told you its okay that you're a traveller i dont care" he said."Niall today my family from my moms side is coming over and i started our fight" I said."I will definately survive that" he said still stroking my hair."But Niall they are f**king wild" i said laughing."Well im f**king wild aswell Michelle he said smirking at me."Thanks Niall you always know how to make me feel better" i said giving him a peck on the lips."Its Alright babe im here for you always" he said.He looked at his phone and his eyes widened."Michelle its fourty-five past eight" he said to me."OH SHIT" i screamed and hoped into my car."Sorry babe gotta go to school bye " i said through the window and gave him a peck on the cheek."Bye honey have fun" he said.I rolled my eyes and drove to school quickly.


At school...

I arrived at school and i just had 5 minutes to get my books from my locker and head to class.I ran to my locker in my big high heels.I nearly triped over a few people.I finally got to my locker and took my books out.I headed to class and saw Britney already sitting.I walked over to her."Hey Britney whats up?" i asked her."Oh Hello Michelle im fine what you?" she asked me."Im fine just had a little fight with my mom today" i said putting my books on the table."O my god about what?" she asked me.Britney doesnt know that im a traveller."I just didint want to clean my bedroom" i lied."Really just that" she said."Yeah" i said.Then the teacher came into our classroom.After six hours i went home and had to get ready for the party with my family.I drove home and i had to say sorry to my mum.I knocked on the door and waited for somebody to answer.I seen Niall running up to the door."Hey Niall " i said while walking in to my house."Hello babe had fun at school today?" he asked me."Eh no i hate school,did you see my mother?' i asked him."Yeah shes in the living room cleaning" he said.Again cleaning traveller thing."Thanks Niall" i said and then kissed him passionately.I broke the kiss and walked into the living room."Hey mom" i said."Hello Michelle darling how was school"  she asked me with no emotions."It was alright,mom im sorry what happened this morning i shouldint said that" i said."Oh darling i know its hard being and Irish traveller" she said coming over to me and sitting beside me."Thanks mom for forgiving me" i said and higed her tight."Its alright babe" she said kissing me on the cheek."Mom i think its time to get my dress for the party we bought a week ago" i said."Oh yeah lets go" she said."Im just gonna ask Niall if he wants to come" i said."Michelle did you tell him we are..." She didint finish the sentence."Mom yes i did and hes gonna join the party if you dont mind" i said."Yeah thats great.but i would prefer if you married a traveller" she said probably hoping i would say yes.::Mom i love Niall and dont you think im gonna marry a traveller" i said with fierce."Okay your life" she said."Lets go now mum i want to try my dress on" i said.She nodded her head and we walked to our hall."Niall" i called.I heard someone running down the stairs."Yeah?" he said."Wanna come with me and my mom to try my party dress on?" i asked him."Yeah sure" he said.We put our shoes on and headed to my moms Land Rover.We got into the car and drove to the shop.

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