Is He The One? (Niall Horan fanfiction)

Michelle has been friends with Niall Horan since they were small.Michelle has to move out of Ireland and live in England.One day Niall goes and auditions for the x factor.Will she meet him?Will more things happen between their friendship?Well read on and you'll find out :)


18. double date niallsp.o.v

''goood mooooorning!!!'' said niall yawning. ''what Time is it?'' asked harry starting to wake up. '' um....''said niall as he reached for his phone '' about 9''. '' What the Heck?!! you woke me up from my beauty sleep for this!!!!'' said harry pulling the covers back over his head.'' GET UP STUPID!!'' screamed niall into a gap in the blanket. ''OK!! stop screaming,why do i have to come anyway? cant i just sleep peacefully till 2pm?'' asked harry. but before he could hear the reply niall shut the  bathroom door and turned on the shower.    ''WHAT ARE YOU PLAY'N AT? shouted zayne '' IT'S 9 IN THE MORNING!!. he threw a pillow at harry. '' HEY!!!'' said harry getting up and jumping on zayne '' ask mr early-bird!!!'' said harry as he slammed a pillow over zayne's head. before you knew it all the boys were on top of each other laughing hystericaly. when niall came out of the shower he was surprised to see a group of deranged boys laughing and cursing.'' WHAT THE POTATOES IS GOING ON? did i miss something, or is this a hangover?'' said niall laughing. '' YEAH!! THIS IS A HANGOVER!!! AHHHHHH!!'' screamed liam . ''yeah, yeah!! harry put some decant clothes on and fix your hair you look like John and Edward!!'' said niall. '' ......but i like john and edward!!!!!!'' saaid harry trying to object. '' shut up!!!'' said louis. '' thank you'' said niall ruffling his hair. '' i want this double date to be great!!'' said niall pulling his trousers on.


5 hours later

''COME ON let's get a move on!!'' said niall '' HARRY!!! i think that's enough gell on your hair!!!''. '' OK fine, but if anyone comments or discriminates the fringe, i''ll tell'm it was you!!'' said harry getting into the car. as  they drove to '' Luigi's,'' they saw Britnet and Michelle waiting at the door. '' HEY!! niall and harry screamed through the window. '' hey'' screamed michelle and britney back. ''wow michelle you look gorgeos!!'' said niall getting up to meet michelle.'' yeah, britney you look gorgoes too!! '' said harry. michelle and britney blushed.'' thanks'' they both said. as they entered Luigi's, michelles driver came up to her and gave her the keys to the car. '' No, i'ts ok!'' she said to the driver '' you can drive it home, me and britney will catch a ride home with niall and harry, i'ts grand!!!''. then the driver left in michelles pink ferrari with michelles bodyguards. '' finally!! dad wo'nt stop protecting me, the bodyguards are gone so we can have some quiet time!!'' said michelle relieved. we entered Luigi's and took a seat at the far end beside the window. we ordered some food and drinks, we stated talking. after a while Michelle and Britney wanted to go to the toilet. '' we'll be back in a jiffy!!'' said britney getting up with michelle. '' i need to go too'' said harry suddenly. when michelle came back,  britney and harry we'rent with her. i asked '' where are the others?''. she said '' oh, britney said she needed a minute so i left her, and i thought harry was with you?''. '' oh, that's grand!'' i said '' we can have time to ourselves''. ''ok! she said sitting opposite me, she startedgently touching her foot with my leg. then we kissed for about 10 seconds. '' one sec,  just need to check if Britts allright'' she said getting up and walking to the bathroom.


michelles p.o.v

as i walked to the bathroom, i turned around to niall who was helping himself to Harry's chips. '' how can he eat so much'' i thought. when i walked into the hallway of the bathroom, i could see harry and britney kissing. i started giggling, and i ran out to tell niall. '' NIALL, NIALL!!'' i said in a whisper '' HARRY AND BRITNEY ARE KISSING!!!'' . '' WHAT?'' he said choking on some potatoe wedges. '' I SAID THEY ARE.....'' but before i could finish my sentance harry and britney walked up to our table smiling and holding hands. i looked at britney, she winked at me and smiled. i smiled and winked back. we all got up and went to nialls car. when we got inside me and niall were in great conversation, when i realised britney and harry had'nt said antthing at all. i turned around to where they were sitting and giggled again because they were kissing!!. i nudged niall and he nearly lost his grip on the steering wheel. '' WTF?'' he said as we reached my house. '' oh niall''said and kissed him ''  , they are a couple now!!'' . i got out of the car and pulled britney out. we said goodbye to the boys as they drove off and entered the house. ''' OMG!!! '' i said '' YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND!!! ''. '' YEAH, I HAVE A REALLY CUTE HANSOME SINGING BOYFRIEND!!!!'' she screamed. we took off our coats and went upstairs to my bedroom. we printed out pictures of our boyfriends and took out some black markers. '' LET'S DO IT!!!'' we both screamed. we started drawing beards and mustaches, and pimples on each others boyfriends. {what? can;t you have a bit of fun?} when we finished we passed back our pictures and started laughing hystericaly on the floor. by the time we finished we were near crying.'' i'ts getting late michelle i better go!!thanks for the best day ever!'' said britney  getting into her ferrari. '' BYE!!'' i shouted. '' BYE, see ya soon!!'' she shouted back. she drove off and i went back inside. i texted niall    ' NITExxx' he texted back  ' LOVE YA' ''.  i  changed into my pjamas brushed my teeth. i  said goodnight to mariothe chef. then i went to bed. i have a looong day ahead of me, i thought.


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