Is He The One? (Niall Horan fanfiction)

Michelle has been friends with Niall Horan since they were small.Michelle has to move out of Ireland and live in England.One day Niall goes and auditions for the x factor.Will she meet him?Will more things happen between their friendship?Well read on and you'll find out :)


25. Beach


Michelles p.o.v


"Cant we get some privacy?"

"I know i bet ye Niall invited Harry to look at us"

"Ye silly Irish Leprechaun"

"Okay im ready are you?" i asked.

"Yeah,lets go to the beach"

We grabbed our beach bags with some towels and other stuff inside.We walked out of the camper and looked around to see if the Niall and Harry were still laughing their heads off on the ground."They're not here"."Yep" Britney said popping the 'P'.We walked over to the golden sand beach.There was a little breeze blowing.My blonde and ice blue hair flew with the cool breeze.We picked a spot and we layed down our blankets and bags.We saw boys recording some parts of their music video."Damn they're good,you should be proud of Niall" Britney said."Yes i know that and im very happy that Niall has such good talent"."Okay im going to the water" Britney said runing down to the sea."Wait up" i screamed and ran after her.We started splashng and screaming."This is fecking cold!" Britney screamed.I started laughing really madly and soon Britney started laughing aswell."COULD YOU GIRLS STOP SCREAMING,WE'RE TRYING TO RECORD SOMETHING" we heard somebody scream.We turned where the boys were recording and saw their director waving at us to be quiet."SORRY!" We screamed at the same time.The boys had their tongues out at us.I looked at Britney and she looked at me."You know what to do" i said.She nodded.We stuck our middle fingers at the boys and they just walked off."Its getting cold lets go back to our camper" Britney said walking away to get her stuff."Good idea".We went inside our camper and wanted to change into our pjs and watch a movie or something like that."I'm going to change first" i screamed and ran into the bathroom.I changed into my Victorias secret pjs.They had a sign on them saying 'I only sleep in pink' and  the pjs are pink.I walked out and saw that Britney was texting someone."Hey who ya texting?"."Harry, oh they will be here in a minute so ..." and so she grabbed her pjs and ran to the bathroom.She came out  few minutes later.I suddenly heard a knock.


"COMING" i screamed and hoped to the door.

"HELLO PERVS" i shouted and looked at Niall and Harry.

The boys looked at the both of them.

"What happened now?" Louis said.

"Nothing" Niall said.

"Oh nothing really?" i said.

"Maybe something not that bad that you should be MAD at" Harry said.

"Well im not so sure Curly".

"What happened?" Zayn asked.

"The both of them walked on me and Britney getting changed in OUR camper,they just walked in like it was theirs!".

"Did they say sorry?".

"Nope, they even were laughing their fecking heads off.

"Oh thats not nice" Louis said.

"Apologise"Liam said.

"SORRY" Niall and harry both said.

"Apology accepted".

"May we come in, we are very exhausted and hungry?" Niall asked.

"Yes you may come in" i said letting them in.

"Whats for dinner today?"Niall said.

"I dont know we havent ordered anything yet or cooked,so we dont have a clue" i said muching at crisps and my eyes glued to the tv.

"IM GOING TO DIE!" Niall screamed.

"Calm down Nialler we're going to go to Nandos or something like that"Louis said patting him on the back.

"OKAY!" Niall said jumping out of the camper and heading to Louis' van.

"Okay i guess that means we have to go now" Liam said going out of the door and the other boys following him.

"But we're in our pjs" Britney mumbled and looked at me.

"Its no problem,Irish people walk everywhere in their pjs i dont mean its bad or something because it isin't,but im not sure if its suitable in England an anyway here take my black boots it will suit your pjs hahaha".

"Are you sure this is normal?"

"Yep apsolutely normal"


I put my gold boots on and Nialls jumper.Britney took my pink jumper because she forgot hers, anyway she thought it would be very warm here, well im not that sure.We headed to Louis' van and there was no space for Britney.

"Why are you in your pyjamas?" Harry asked.

"We're too lazy to get dressed" i said and looked around for a place for Britney.

"Nialler can i sit on your lap and Britney can ssit beside Harry" i asked.

"Sure" he said and i walked over to him and sat on his lap.

"You know you will look like total whores in Nando's" Louis said.

"Well travellers go around like that"

"So you and Britney are Travellers?" Liam questions

Britney looked at me funnily and we laughed so hard.

"Just turn on the fucking vechile they wont stop laughing!" Niall said.

"Okay" Louis said turning the van on and driving to a restaurant.

"So  lets have a vote where we want to go, say in order and no fighting" Liam said.We nodded.

"I want to go to McDonalds" Harry said.

"Nando's" Louis said.

"Nando's" Niall said.

"Nandos"I said.

"Nandos"Britney said.

"So i guess everyone wants to go to Nando's?"

"Yep" everyone said.

"Okay GPS LETS FIND THE NEAREST NANDO'S BECAUSE IF WE DON'T WE ARE GOING TO GET EATEN BY MR. HORAN"Louis shouted and headed to the neareast Nando's.



Hey guys im gonna write a few more chapters today maybe two or one not so sure how much im gonna write.Guys iam literally crying because nobody is commenting on my book or liking it.Iam really trying my even that im not a great writer,but please i love to write and if you want me to keep on writing comment please! Thank you i love you soo much people to even read my book.THERE IS A CONTEST IF YOU GIVE ME A GREAT IDEA WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT IN MY STORY I WILL INCLUDE YOU AND YOUR HOBBIES EVERYTHING YOU WANT IN MY STORY AND WHOEVER YOU WANT TO DATE FROM THE BOYS! ACCEPT FROM(LOUIS,NIALL AND ZAYN).THANKS AGAIN ! -MINXIY



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