The Adventurous Adventures of Captain NemoIII.

A story I wrote in computers.


1. The only chapter


The Adventurous Adventures of Captain NemoIII.


        Yarr! I am Captain NemoIII. And yes I am a female! My great great great grandfather built the Nautilus. He had it turned into a museum. Sadly, I would die to drive it. He wrote in his will “I leave my wealth to, if she is born, my great great great granddaughter. The name NemoIII should be her name and so her father must be NemoII.”  He was a very confusing man, for I only received half of my wealth. The ship I built with some of his wealth is called The Blood Thirsty Crème Puff. My head was not fully awake when I named it.

My first mate upon this ship is Emma Stone. She can shoot down a haunted ship from two miles away! My Gunner, Channing Tatum, can shoot a man from 3 miles away so he is kind of like the co-first mate. Than we have 5 musicians to keep us entertained, 5 lads of the names Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik. They are all British except for Niall, he is Irish. Now come listen to my adventurous adventures.

I awoke to hearing a banging on my door. “I AM ASLEEP!” I shouted knowing someone is scared. I ran to my door and opened it. “Ma’am-“ The youngest Harry spoke. “I AM NOT MA’AM ON THIS SHIP I AM SIR!” I shouted causing him to flinch. “Sir, I have spotted land.” I marched passed him. In my tank top and shorts for those are my pajamas. “LAND HO!!!” I shouted and everyone appeared within two minutes. I went and put on my Hollister coat and sailed The Blood Thirsty Crème Puff  to what I sought to be Italy.

        The lads (and laddies{Female lad}) Were anxious as we saw a X upon the beaches of Italy. We grabbed our shovels and ran for the X. I did the honors of moving the last piece of sand out of the way. Channing lifted the chest up and there was a note on top. My dearest NemoIII you have found the rest of your wealth. Or loot you may call it because you had to dig it up. I love you. –Grandpa Nemo. And that’s how I got the rest of my wealth.

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