Here We Go Again (one direction trilogy book two)

Harmony, Amanda, Mackenzie and Dawn have all split into different directions, The new bride to be brings them all back together. New adventures. New attitudes and a new bride.


28. We're cool

-Marcus's P.O.V-

"Go!" Mackenzie said pushing me out to the terris.
"Fine!" I gave up and went outside next to Harmony and Liam.
"Hey Liam can i talk to Harmony in private please?" i said.
"Sure" he smiled at me "I'm upstairs if you need me" he said pecking Harmony's lips.
I leaned on the railing and looked at the sky.
"We need to talk" i sighed.
"There is nothing to talk about" She said looking at me.
"But there is" i started.
"Look, you left us when we were in need, when I was in need, I just needed someone there to hold my hand but no you had to be selfish and leave, you have no idea what happened to me when i read that fucking note you left us" I could see her eyes forming tears.
"Look, Harmony, I'm sorry, i know it was completely selfish, but i lost my mother too and it was all too much for me, you should have looked at it from my prospective, dad moved on too fast, you were scaring the hell out of me, no offense though, and Mackenzie was the only person who could make me feel better, I'm sorry"
She looked at her hands and then back at me.
"We're family, always and forever" she smiled weakly at me.
I opened my arms and she slowly wrapped her arms around me, she suddenly started crying on my chest, i kissed the top of her head and hugged her tighter. It felt like the entire world was lifted off of my shoulders and i felt peace.
She stepped on her tiptoes and kissed my cheek.
"I forgive you" she smiled at me and wiped her tears.
We walked inside and we parted, i sat next to Mackenzie while Harmony walked upstairs to Liam.
"What happened?" asked Max sitting on my lap.
"We're cool" i said and ran my fingers through her hair.
"Finally!" she said excitedly and pecked my lips.
"I Know right" I said and admiring her beauty.
"What she smiled and pulled her hair behind her ear.
"Thank you for making me do this, i never knew how miserable i was until now"
"It's my job as your girlfriend to do so" she said cupping my cheeks.
The doorbell rang and Dawn ran to get it, it was Zayn and Amanda, their hands entwined and their shirts matching.
"nice shirts" compliments Max.
"Thanks, i picked them out" Said Amanda jumping on the couch "Where's my boo bear?" she asked looking around the room.
"Upstairs" i said pointing up.
"Be right back" she said running up.
"whats up bro?" i asked Zayn.
"Not much, my girlfriend made me wear a shirt that i don't like" he teased.
We all started laughing.



Hey guys sorry i haven't been updating much, midterms! :( but please tell me what you think and like and favorite pleeeeeeease :3

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