Here We Go Again (one direction trilogy book two)

Harmony, Amanda, Mackenzie and Dawn have all split into different directions, The new bride to be brings them all back together. New adventures. New attitudes and a new bride.


40. until then

-Amanda's P.O.V-

"ZAAAAAAYN!!!" I yelled looking at myself in the mirror, i look like I'm a fucking walrus!
"What?! I'm here!" He said panting and looking at me, worry all over his face.
"I look fat!" i whine and lift my shirt revealing my baby bump, Zayn shook his head, came closer and kissed my belly, i giggled.
"So this is your ticklish spot miss Amanda" he said playfully , starting to tickle my belly, i starting laughing, i didn't even know i had a ticklish spot!
"Zayn! stop! seriously! we have a serious problem!" i yell.
"Which is?" he says and warps his arms around my waist.
"I look fat" i whine.
"No you don't" he rolled his eyes and pulled me down the stairs.
"Louis, is Amanda fat?" asked Zayn, pulling my shirt back to reveal a bump under the fabric hugging me.
"Nah, you look human now" he teased then ran next to El.
"To be honest you do look like your gaining wait sis" said Drake.
"SEE!" i yell at Zayn.
Once again he pulls me, but this time into the kitchen, where we could be in private. He then gently lifted me up on the counter and stood in between my legs.
"Babe, your perfect, i even think you should eat a bit more, the baby needs to be healthy Amanda" he said then planted a slow and passionate kiss on my lips, which made me forget where i was, until Harmony came in and coughed.
"What?" i laugh.
"we have to talk" she sighs.
"uh oh" i sigh.
Zayn and i walk hand in hand into the living room, where they were all huddled up in a circle.
"Whats up?" i ask taking my place on Zayn's Lap.
"Harmony and I are leaving to L.A" said Liam. WHAT?!
"and Marcus and i have to head back to NY" said Mackenzie, wrapping her arm around Harmony's.
"What?!" I yell "but we're finally together, we're all together!" i whine feeling my eyes beginning to water.
"Boo bear" Started Harmony, sitting on her knees in front of me "i have to work, and Liam and i were inseparable, and Max and Marcus have to go study, we'll reunite again someday" she said and brushed strands on hair behind my ear.
We heard a cough behind me, i turned around to see Harry.
"Harry!" I jump up and hug him.
"Hey" he whispers "i won't leave you Amanda" says Harry and kisses my cheek.
"you promise?"
"I have nowhere to go, I promise" he chuckles.
"when's your flight?" i ask.
"Tomorrow" says Marcus.
"That Early?!" I yell.
"We're sorry" says Liam.
I looked around at my best friends faces, tomorrow they wouldn't be here, the house would feel so empty, so cold without them.
"Let's hit the Sack" said Drake.
"Let's" said Harmony.
I laid down in bed, and rested my head on Zayns chest, Falling deep into the land of cookie dough ice cream and chicken.
"Hi" i heard and popped out of my bubble.
I open my eyes and it was still dusk, I look at Harmony who was wearing something extremely comfortable and cozy.
"Your leaving" i said and i opened my arms.
She snuggled into my arms "last cuddle for a long time" She whispers.
"Where's Zayn?" I asked noticing he wasn't there.
"He's getting dressed" She says.
"I'm going to miss you kitty"
"I'll miss you too Boo" She whispered.
"No drama and Skype me everyday"
"OK and I will" she says getting out of bed.
i pull her down and kiss her cheek, feeling a tear trickle down my cheek.
"I'm going to miss you ginger"

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