Here We Go Again (one direction trilogy book two)

Harmony, Amanda, Mackenzie and Dawn have all split into different directions, The new bride to be brings them all back together. New adventures. New attitudes and a new bride.


10. Surprise

Liam's P.O.V

I jogged up the stairs counting every step i take, talking to my ex who i still had feeling for, about feelings is going to be kind of hard. I took the final step of stairs and i could hear sobs. Taking a deep breath i took more steps until the sobbs became louder and i was feeling like crap because this shouldn't have happened, i should've waited until she came back in Amanda's 18th, we would have gotten past this together. I have no idea how I'm going to calm her down, she's been building five years and now she's crying them always. Five whole years.
I knocked the door and i could hear her trying to stop crying. I could hear her unlocking the door her puffs and only then did i realized that she had opened the door. Her red eyes were staring into my brown ones, she shuffled and tried shutting the door but i pushed it open, entered and closed the door.
"What do you want Liam?" she said and she wiped her tears with her sleeve.
"Talk to me, not as the jerk who confessed his love for you and then left you, but as a friend".
"What do you want me to say? that you hurt me? that I'm devastated? that I'm miserable?"
"yes, tell me how your feeling instead of keeping it in" I said and held her hands.
She looked at our entwined hands, back up at me with bewildered eyes and them pulled her hands out of my grip.
"I loved you too Liam" she mutely whispered, I felt a burning sensation in my chest, I've been wanting to hear those words come out of her beautiful lips for five years, but it was then when i noticed how she used the word "loved" as in past tense. I felt numb. "You just caught me off guard in Amanda's birthday".
"Harmony, i still love you" her head shot up and she looked at me shocked.
"W-what?" she stuttered.
"i still have feelings for you, you just have to say the words and I'll go away, Haz likes you and he's an ass at times but he has a heart, and if your happy with him, I'll be happy for you two"
She sat on her bed and started playing with her fingers and looking at them, avoiding looking into my eyes.
"I should've dies with them" she muttered. I sat on my knees in front of her and held her hands, her soft hands that were once mine to hold whenever i pleased, and i looked into her blue eyes.
"Don't think like that, your here right now, God wanted this, if he wanted you dead you'd be dead right now, you're here with your best friends, you're surrounded by people who love you, who would do anything for you, your best friend is getting married, everything is like before, only we are a bit older and wiser, I don't want you to think that way ever again, I just want you to be happy, with me or without, I'm here for you and I love you"
She nodded, stood up and grabbed the tissue box.
"your mom would be so proud of the woman you are now, and if she were her i bet she would've wanted you to live your life to the fullest" i said and passed her the box.
She wiped her tears and make up off, tied her hair and bit the inside of her mouth.
"Come on" i said and put my hand out for her. She took it and we walked down the stairs.
When we stepped down the last step everybody looked at us and she let goof my hand, I walked to the counter and watched as Harry ran to her and embraced her, everybody started hugging her and i could see a little smile form on her lips, it was a genuine smile. I looked at her and smile, until Harry planted a kiss on her lips, i turned around and walked to the cupboard and grabbed a cup. i could hear giggles and my heart was shattered. She made her choice.
I poured some water and walked outside on the terrace, i need some fresh air. I took a couple of gulps and then leaned on the railings. i heard footsteps behind me, i looked and there she was.
"Hi" she said and stood next to me.
"Hey" i smiled at her.
She caught me off guard and Hugged me.
"Liam?" I hugged back and my nostrils were filled with her scent.
"I love you"

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