Here We Go Again (one direction trilogy book two)

Harmony, Amanda, Mackenzie and Dawn have all split into different directions, The new bride to be brings them all back together. New adventures. New attitudes and a new bride.


14. Snuck out

-Liam's P.O.V-

It was 2AM and I was still awake, I snuck out and walked to Harmony's room. Everybody was asleep, I knocked the door. After a minute i heard her unlocking the door, I looked up and saw her wearing a bathrobe and her hair was dripping water.
I walked in kissed her and slowly pushed her to the bed, i started kissing her on her neck and she started giggling and she cupped my cheeks and i looked into her big blue eyes. She smiled at me and laughed.
"I love you" She laughed and i kissed her cheek.
She rolled and was on top of me,i started playing with her hair.
"Whats up?" i asked looking into her eyes.
"Haz asked me out, Dawn made me say yes" she pouted.
"When are you planning on telling him?" i asked and rolled my eyes.
"soon" she said "but before i do-" she starting kissing me, i sat up and she wrapped her legs around me, her hands where on my neck, i put my hands on her thighs. We pulled away.
"I love you" i said and kissed her nose.
"you know i have a weakness point, which is seeing you in shorts Lili" she giggle and put her forehead on mine.
"I have a weakness which is you in a bathrobe" i said and ran my finger on her clavicle. She quickly wrapped herself and stood up to put on some clothes.
"you know i like your hair this way" i said as she walked into the bathroom.
"Thank you" she whispered.
I laid down and she came out wearing really cute snowflake printed onsie's, I opened my arms and she snuggled on my chest.
"You're a bit jet legged aren't you cutie?" i whispered into her hair.
"mhmm" she pouted and pushed her bottom lip out.
"so how have these five years been?" i asked.
"well a chaos, and i haven't had a proper cry over our break up" she giggled.
"I've always had you on my mind, i remember when i went to my flat i thought, she never even got to see it, and whenever i saw a ginger i would start thinking times ten about you, I love you Harmony" I said noticing that her eyes were shut and she had a smile on her face.
"I love you too"
"I want you to meet my parents when they come to the wedding" i said kissing her head.
"I'd love it" she sighed.
I kept quiet and soon we were fast asleep.
I woke up with a beautiful ginger still on my chest, i kissed her head and brushed her hair from her face. She looked up and smiled.
"That was the best sleep i had for like a really long time" she said and kissed me.
"I agree" i said.
She sat up, stretched and then crawled out of bed.
"You know you're pretty short" I laughed.
"meanie" she teased.
"I love it" i smiled sitting up.
"and I love you" she said crawling to me and planting a kiss on my lips.



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