Here We Go Again (one direction trilogy book two)

Harmony, Amanda, Mackenzie and Dawn have all split into different directions, The new bride to be brings them all back together. New adventures. New attitudes and a new bride.


18. More than this

Dawn's P.O.V

I woke up not daring to open my eyes, i heard heartbeats under my right ear, a smile formed on my lips and i opened my eyes. It was raining outside, i looked up and saw Niall still in deep sleep. Getting out of bed was a challenge because Niall had his arms wrapped around me. I walked into the kitchen, the house was quiet meaning everybody was asleep. I walked up to the attic. I had my dress up on the wall and the girls dresses where on the hanger. I unzipped the cloth that was on my dress and ran my hand on the white fabric. I took the dress down and hugged it while smiling from ear to ear. I inhaled the scent of my wedding dress, and sat down on the floor still hugging it.
I was going to be the future Mrs. Horan, He was going to be mine forever. I smiled at the thought of forever with Niall.
"Hey there" i heard, stood up and looked behind me.
"Hey Ell" i smiled and hung up the dress.
"How are you?" she asked and zipped up the dress.
"I'm good, how about you?" i hugged her.
"Nervous" she whispered into my ear.
"why?" I asked truly confused.
"The interview today" she pulled away and looked at me.Shit!
"That's Today?!" i cried and my jaw dropped.
"yeah" she laughed at my reaction/
We walked downstairs, nervousness was taking over me, it was the first time Niall and I would be on T.V together, i mean we go to red carpet events and we take loads of pictures but never a one hour interview!
"Good morning" yawned Niall, the sight of him instantly cheered me up.
"Good morning" i said walking up to him and hugging him tight.
"How cute!" screeched Ell while pouring milk for Louis.
I giggled and planted a kiss on Niall's lips.
"So what's gonna happen today?" i asked.
"well we're going to be interviewed first and then the three of you will come out" three of us meaning Amanda, Ell and I "Then you and Niall announce the engagement and all the fans go crazy" teased Louis.
"And our outfits?" i asked looking at Niall.
"Already in the studio" smiled Niall.
"Oh, okay" i swallowed.
"nervous?" lou asked both Ell and I.
"Yeah" we said in a unison.
"The fans already love the both of you" said Niall patting my back, i smiled at him.
After eating breakfast and going over to Zayn's and Amanda's house we head to the studio, I held Niall's hand really tight.
Amanda wasn't nervous because she's been interviewed before, but never with Zayn. We hugged Harmony, Marcus and Max good bye because they had to sit with the audience. We sat and had our hair and make up done by professionals, and then we put out clothes on.
The interviewer introduced the boys and the crowd went wild.
"Hello boys"He said and hugged each on as the sat on the huge couch.
"Hello" they said.
"How have you been?"
"We've been great!" said Zayn.
"how was tour?"
"it was amazing" said Harry "the fans are amazing all around the world"
The interviewer kept asking them questions until the stage manager asked us to stand behind the stage doors.
"Ladies and gentlemen, directions of earth, Please welcome for the first time ever! Amanda, Dawn and Eleanor. We got on stage, all eyed were on us, we were used to the screaming. The boys got up and joined the cheering. I walked over to Niall and wrapped my arms around his arm.
"hello ladies"
"hello" we said smiling at him.
"so lets cut to the chase, Niall and Dawn, rumors have been flying around saying that you two are engaged, would you like to clear that rumor?"
I looked at Niall and he smiled at me, I put my hand up revealing the ring. The floor was shaking because of the screaming.
"They are like the cutest!" squealed Amanda.
"They are!" agreed the interviewer "did you see how his eyes lit up when She came up on stage?" he asked.
Niall shrugged and chuckled "I love her"
I could feel heat in my cheeks as the audience awed.
"Amanda, you and Zayn are considered the Naughty couple" he said.
Immediately, Niall, Harry, Liam, Louis, El and I started laughing.
"You have no idea!" laughed Harry.
"Eleanor and Louis are the magical couple" he smiled.
They looked into each others eyes and smiled, they are too adorable.
"so do you know that people ship you?" chuckled the interviewer.
"Oh boy" laughed Liam.
"Dawn and Niall are Diall, Amanda and Zayn are Amazayn, Eleanor and Louis and Elouner and surprisingly people still ship Liam and Harmony!" He said.
"really?" asked Liam.
"yes kind of a shock! How is she? Harmony?" He asked.
"She in the crowed, the red head" Liam Pointed at her.
"So are you two friends?" he asked.
"We're more than that" He smiled at his shoes.

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