Here We Go Again (one direction trilogy book two)

Harmony, Amanda, Mackenzie and Dawn have all split into different directions, The new bride to be brings them all back together. New adventures. New attitudes and a new bride.


27. Ireland

-Dawn's P.O.V-

I walked out of the shower wrapped tightly in a towel, i was wearing Niall's slippers because i could find mine. I saw Niall sitting on the bed looking quite frustrated, i walked over to him, he looked up and me and he patted on his lap.
"What's wrong?" i said sitting down on his lap and pulling the puppy face.
"Dad wants us to move the wedding to Ireland" He sighed.
"But we already sent the invitations" i said wrapping and arm around him.
"I told him, but he said i have to because I'm Irish".
"What do you want?" i asked stroking his cheek.
Suddenly he pushed me down on the bed and started stroking my cheek.
"You, I want your children, i want an eternity with you, i love you Dawn" i felt a blush form in my cheeks.
"I love you too, but do you want the wedding here or in Ireland?" I asked and looked into his pretty blue eyes.
"I don't care, i would marry you right here right now if i could" H e said pecking my lips.
"AWWWWW!" we heard Amanda and Harmony and shot up.
They started laughing and ran downstairs, Niall followed.
I got dressed in a wool sweater and some jeans, we weren't going anywhere so i wore my socks and pulled my hair back in a ponytail.
I ran downstairs and jumped on Haz, Lou and Zayn's Laps. They looked at each other and smiled cheekily, Oh No. They automatically started tickling me and i fell off and my bum hit the floor.
"Where's Liam?" Niall asked sipping his tea.
"I don't know, he said he was going to run an errand and come back" Said Harmony sitting on Amanda's Lap.
"Harmony, Amanda's mine" Chuckled Zayn.
"She was mine first, go away. I don't like you" she teased and hugged Amanda.
"True" Amanda, Max and I said in a unison followed by a laugh.
I stood up as soon as Niall finished his tea, I sat on his lap and kissed his cheek.
"Where's El?" I asked.
"Work" Said Mackenzie playing with Marcus's Hair.
I saw Harmony whisper something into Amanda's ear, they are up to something.
Harmony stood up and ran to her bag and pulled something out, i could see what it was though. She ran to the DVD and turned it on.
The speakers blasted 'live while we're young' I started laughing hysterically as i watched Harmony and Amanda dance. They managed to make the rest of us get up and start dancing, more like partying. Little thing cam next and they all sat down leaving me and Niall alone, He pulled me by the waist and we starting swaying.
"I love you" i whispered into his chest.
Amanda and Zayn, Max and Marcus stood up and started slow dancing as well. Harry and Louis soon followed making my and Niall chuckle. Harmony stood on the table and held the Remote pretending to sing. It was a perfect moment, being in the arms of the man you love. Surrounded by all your idiot friends. 

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