Here We Go Again (one direction trilogy book two)

Harmony, Amanda, Mackenzie and Dawn have all split into different directions, The new bride to be brings them all back together. New adventures. New attitudes and a new bride.


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-Dawn's P.O.V-

It's been a week since Harmony told us everything, and now she's more comfortable and more herself, Amanda, Harmony, Max, El and I all went Christmas shopping. I was wearing a high-low plain white tee, light brown wool jacket, beige scarf, navy jeans and a big black and gold hand bag with matching accessories.
"Is it always this cold?!" cried Harmony.
"Nope not when I'm around" Amanda laughed, I joined.
"Ha ha very funny, hey I'm gonna go run an errand I'll meet you at Amanda's" said Harmony hugging us goodbye.
We shopped everywhere because shopping is yoga for us girls. As we were walking some fans stopped Amanda, El and I.
"OH MY GOD!!! CAN WE GET A PICTURE?!" one of the six squealed.
"Sure babe" Smiled Amanda.
Mackenzie took the picture and then they started talking to us.
"Is it true that you and Niall are engaged?" one of them smiled.
i felt a blush creep up my cheek.
"Yeah" I smiled at my feet.
"Awwwww" all six said in a unison.
"How's Zayn?" one of them asked Amanda.
"in trouble, he poured iced tea on me last week" she laughed. They laughed Along and said goodbye.
"Mrs. Horan" said Mackenzie nudging my arm. I couldn't help but blush.
My phone start ringing so i took it out of my back pocket.

Niall Horan <3

"Speak of the devil" i chuckled.
"Hello?" I said.
"Congratulations, the entire world knows who my princess is" he laughed, i giggled.
"Wow gossip travels fast" I said walking away from the girls.
"Yes princess?"
"I love you and I miss you" i pouted.
"Aww baby, i love you too" he said.
"We're just gonna pick up some Chinese and we'll head to Amanda's"
"OK, I love you"
"Love you too" I smiled and hung up.
All four of us climbed into Amanda's car and we went to this Chinese place near our house. After that we drove back to Amanda's house.
I ran to Niall, hugged him and planted a huge kiss on his lips. I snuggled into his chest as the rest carried the food inside.
"Where's Harmony?" asked Haz.
"She went to run some errands" Said Amanda, eating some noodles with some chopsticks.
We all ate, laughed and then we sat in the living room and started playing truth or dare.
After half an hour we heard the front door open, we all looked and holy shit. Harmony.



Hey there! So I'm thinking of adding a new girl to the fanfic and guess what?! I want to pic one out of you! here is how you can be the new character!

1. Write your name, age and describe your appearance.

2.Describe your personality

3. which one of the girls would you like to be close to

4. describe your perfect romantic gesture

As i said im still thinking! but if it doesnt work out (i hope it does) i will shoutout the best answers! get commenting cuties!

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