Here We Go Again (one direction trilogy book two)

Harmony, Amanda, Mackenzie and Dawn have all split into different directions, The new bride to be brings them all back together. New adventures. New attitudes and a new bride.


35. I hate you.

Eleanor's  P.O.V

We were back stage, getting ready for the Ellen interview. First time it's held in London, so we're very excited. I'm wearing a short flirty dress, that's pink chiffon on the bottom, black sleeveless on top and two openings on either side of my waist, gold cross earring and gold open toe heels. I have my hair down in loose curls, black eyeliner with light pink eye shadow and nude lip gloss.

Dawn is wearing a short white dress that shows a bit of cleavage, surprisingly, and has a heart shape cut out in the back. She has her hair in a pony tail which is in curls, she has purple, sparkly open toe pumps and gold and purple bracelets. She has mascara and light pink lip gloss on.

Harmony is wearing a white sleeveless shirt that hides everything, a mint skirt with white polka dots, and brown oxfords. She's wearing a gold watch and gold bangles with a webbed necklace on. She has her hair down, straight and light blue eyeshadow with a thin line of eyeliner and nude lip gloss.

Amanda is wearing a short white corset, a leopard print skirt with a thin brown leather belt and gold in the front. She's wearing a black blazer on top, sleeves rolled up and a thick gold bracelet with light brown open toe heels. She has her hair down in loose curls, with a lot of mascara and eyeliner inside and outside her eye lids and crimson red lipstick.

"My, oh my." Louis said winking and kissing me.

"Don't we look sexy?" Amanda winked.

"Very." Zayn said grabbing her by the waist and kissing her.

Liam and Niall kissed their girls on the forehead, typical.

We were called out and we walked onto the stage. The audience was crowded, full of screaming fans. We took our seats.

"Well this is the very first time I do a show here in London!" Ellen says.

The crowd screams and cheers. "What better show than having One direction and their girls." She winked.

We all chuckled lightly.

"So tell us what's going on?" She asked.

"Well we're working on our new album, but we're on a four month break." Liam said.

"Yep enjoying it with our girls." Niall said putting his arm around Dawn and pulling her close.

The audience awed. They continued talking about the new album and the tour and their careers.

Then Ellen turned to Amanda, "So gorgeous." She said.

Amanda laughed. "Hey Ellen she's mine." Zayn said kissing her cheek.

"Okay okay fine. Amanda if you weren't with Zayn. Who'd you be with?" She asked her.

"Ummm. Harry!" Amanda said winking at Haz, who was next to her.

"I would have taken her if Zayn didn't go and call dibs.." Harry laughed.

The audience started screaming random things, but mostly "Kiss her!"

"Oh you heard the fans." Ellen winked. Amanda and Harry started cracking up.

"Kiss her kiss her." Louis started, soon everyone else followed. Harry and Amanda shrugged, then Haz grabbed her chin and kissed her, for 2 seconds. Then everyone cheered.

"Wait you were serious when you said you'd fuck.. i mean sleep with him?" Zayn asked looking at Amanda.

Harry gasped, "Amanda! You should have told me! I was free last night." He winked.

"Okay Amanda we're switching seats." Zayn said getting up and sitting in between Harry and Amanda.

We all laughed. "Okay okay, how bout you dawn?" Ellen asked.

"Liam!" Dawn smiled "But no kissing." She added.

We laughed again. "Elenour?" Ellen asked.

"Zayn or Niall." I chuckled.

"Harmony?" "Louis." Harmony smiled. "Wait didn't you like Zayn?" Amanda asked bending over and looking at Harmony.

"Naa he's not as funny as Lou." She laughed.

"Heeey!" Zayn whined.

"Okay okay. We're not gonna ask the boys, because their girlfriends will get catty and won't give them love at night." Ellen said.

We all literally cracked up, most of us about to fall off the couch.

"But Harry. You're single. Now we understand that you'd sleep with Amanda, I mean who wouldn't, but who would you be with?" Ellen asked. We laughed at the Amanda comment.

"Umm. Probably miss harmony over there." He said pointing to Harmony.

"Nice choice." Ellen winked. Harmony Blushed and tried to hide behind Liam's arm which she was holding onto dearly.

"Oh look what we have here." She said looking at her phone.

"One Way or Another by the girls themselves." She added. We all looked down and laughed,

"Oh no." I whispered.

They put the video on. Max came up, she did Harry's parts. Then Amanda's part came, which looks like she's naked under a blanket, but she was really wearing a strapless bra. Then dawn wearing a t-shirt, then Harmony came up and then me. The video finished and the audience applauded.

"Better than the original." Liam smiled.

"I agree. Now who was the beautiful girl in the beginning?" Ellen asked.

"That's Maxi!!" Amanda practically screamed.

"She's with Marcus. Our bestie, right there in the front row." She added pointing at Max. Max waved at the camera.

"And Amanda, are you naked in the first scene?" Ellen asked surprised. We all laughed.

"Nope. Strapless bra." She smiled.

"Too bad." Ellen sighed. We chuckled. Half an hour later, we ended the show.

"So Harry how was it kissing Amanda?" Louis asked chuckling.

"Magical." He said pretending to faint.

"Watch your mouth." Zayn laughed.

"Guys I'll meet up with you later. Amanda can I snag another kiss." Harry winked.

Zayn grabbed Amanda's hand and walked away. We all laughed at his action. We went home and Harmony ran and put I Would on max volume.

Amanda jumped on the table and started singing. "Baby you should know that I..mother fucker." Amanda said with her eyes bulging out. We all turned our attention to what she was looking at. Oh Haz.

-Amanda's P.O.V-

She's here, the person i loath, the person I hate even more than Blake is standing right in front of me holding my best guy friend's Hands. What the fuck did you do Harry?! I jumped off the table as Niall turned down the volume, I stood next to Harmony which looked as furious as me.

"Harry, What is she doing here?" She hissed.

"Uhmm" He said and itched his Neck.

"Babe, i'll be in the car" she smirked and kissed Harry's cheek.

"Okay" he said and let go off her hand.

She walked out in her slutty shorts and stripper boots.


"What?" he said looking shocked.

I walked up to him and slapped him so hard he took two steps back.

"Is this what you call love?" Started Harmony walking slowly in front of Harry "I nearly died cause of the bitch, she made me and my boyfriend break up! she made me stay at the hospital for two days! she made me cut Harry!"

"What am I suppose to do?! I tell you about my feelings and you call me pathetic?! how do you think it feels?!" He yelled back.

"I was fucking mesirable and crying to you that was a problem much bigger than this! you know what? I hate you, I hate you Harry!" She yelled and ran up to her room crying.

"Harmony-" Started Haz looking at her, heart broken.

"Save it" said Liam walking up to Harmony.

"What the fuck did you just do mate?" Said Zayn leaning on the counter.

"Fuck you, All of you! I'm gonna go and fucking enjoy myself, there is one hot Lady outside and I am going to fuck her brains out and I will enjoy my time getting wasted" He said and barged out.

We can't have one day without Drama? No, We cant.

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