Here We Go Again (one direction trilogy book two)

Harmony, Amanda, Mackenzie and Dawn have all split into different directions, The new bride to be brings them all back together. New adventures. New attitudes and a new bride.


34. Guilt

Harmony's P.O.V

Zayn barged out, Amanda followed him running.

"I should probably go too." Liam said. I nodded and he too followed running.

I went to my room and started crying, closing the door behind me. why the fuck did she go with him that day? Look now what's happening because of him.

There was a knock on my door and Harry came in. I didn't want Harry right now and right here, even if he came here to comfort me, somehow I don't feel like crying if front of him.

"Are you okay?" He asked

"No" I replied honestly."of course I'm not ok. Its just so wrong! Everything is."

"Shh" Harry said putting my head on his chest. "Everything's going to be alright."

"Oh nothing's going to be alright now Zayn's gonna have a fight with him and it's not safe for Amanda to stay there, And she's gonna refuse to go back home and-" man it really sucked more when I said it out loud.

"Liam wont make this happen."

"Great now Liam too is gonna get hurt! Damn it's so bad"

"Stop crying you're breaking my heart." He said gazing into my eyes. "You know I hate to watch you know ... you know I still have some feelings for you." He whispered. FUCK! It just made me want to vomit. "THIS IS REALLY NOT THE

PERFECT TIME,HARRY!" I yelled almost losing all of my voice.


"I'm telling you how miserable I feel and how bad this whole situation is and you're saying that you "still have some feelings for me?!""

Harry looked taken a back. What was he expecting? Was he expecting me to kiss him just because my boyfriend was out and because I really needed someone?

"God! I really cant believe it. You're pathetic!" I have to admit I regretted the last thing I said. It was a bit too harsh.

"FINE!" Harry shouted and left the room. Leaving me to sob even more, I didn't even care if he meant it, it really was a bad time.

Harry's P.O.V

Fine Harmony, hurt me all you want, you're not the only one with feelings anyway. I was so furious, I took my mobile and started scrolling my contacts - here she is. Lia. I dialed her number.

"Hello?" she answered surprised.

"Hey Lia."

"Urm, Harry?" She asked still confused.

"Yeah. Umm, listen Lia I need to tell you something. This whole fight was ridiculous and I think we should give ourselves another chance. I really miss you, you know." I lied.

"Wow. Umm OK."

We talked for about an hour arranging a flight, we talked about where she would stay, where we would go, what we would do, who we would meet and everything, i even told her I'd pay for the ticket.

There Harmony beat that.

I went downstairs and it looked like i had missed a lot, Amanda was on the couch clutching Zayn's hand while she was lying on he chest, Louis and El were sitting next to them, Dawn and Niall were making hot chocolate and Harmony and Liam were cooking, Her giggles were killing me, I just want to yell at her, at them, and then kiss her. I was so confused, was i so deeply in love with her that it hurt? or was i so damn pissed that i wanted to murder her?

"What happened?" i asked.

"Zayn, Hit Amanda by accident" said Louis.

"SHHHHH" shushed Amanda.

"Haz can we talk?" i heard Harmony whisper behind me.

"What?" i said coldly.

"Outside" she said walking outside.

"What do you want Harmony?"

She hugged me and snuggled on my chest.

"I'm sorry Haz, this has been the hardest on you, i know, you love me but i love Liam, I'm so sorry Hazza" she pouted and looked up at me, i looked into her blue eyes, tears were threatening to fall. What the hell did i do? i felt so guilty but i managed to croak "its OK."


Zayn's P.O.V

I carried Amanda up to our room and Laid her down on our bed, it's been a week since Ive been in here, i run my fingers through my hair and sigh.

"Zayn" I hear Amanda.

"I thought you were asleep" i Chuckled and laid down next to her.

"I wasn't just wanted you to carry me up here" she giggled and snuggled on my chest.

"You are Evil" i say and kiss her head.

"I know" she yawns.

I put my Hand on her small bump and her head shot up.

"Our baby" she cooed.

"yeah" i smiled at her "So no ice cream, no soda, no junk food, no anything unhealthy, only fruits, vegetables and healthy things."

"that wasn't part of the deal!" she looked up at me shocked.

"You want a healthy baby?"


"Then do that, also we have to go to a pregnancy class" I said.

"Augh, Fine but I'm picking the names" she huffed.


hey guys, so i dont know if you like my story or not and i feel desperate cuz i ask for comments all the time, but i seriously need your comments cuz i want you guys to like the story...


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