Here We Go Again (one direction trilogy book two)

Harmony, Amanda, Mackenzie and Dawn have all split into different directions, The new bride to be brings them all back together. New adventures. New attitudes and a new bride.


23. flying lanterns

Amanda's P.O.V

I laid down on the couch and put my head on Marcus's lap, I was extremely tired. Being the maid of honor is not something I'd like to do again.
"Hey Harmony call me as soon as you get this" said Liam while he was on the phone, poor guy. He's loosing it. Suddenly he flipped the table and everything on it shattered. I shot up and ran to his side.
"Liam" I said and put my hands on his forearms. He kept breathing hard and looking at the ceiling.
"Liam she's fine" I said again trying to make him took at me "if you want I can call while you're next to me, but you can't say anything"
His head shot down and he looked at me.
"Please" he begged.
We walked up to my room and I grabbed my phone, Liam closed the door.
I dialed Harmony's number.
"Hello?" She yawned, I saw Liam's eyes light up.
"Hey, did I just wake you up?" I asked.
"Yeah" she said "whats up?"
"When are you planning on talking to your boyfriend?"
"Amanda I have to sleep talk to you later.
"AMANDA! COME QUICK" yelled Niall.
Liam and I ran downstairs. Everyone was at the back door. I walked out and there were a hundred lit lanterns, my jaw dropped it was an amazing view.  There was one huge lantern in the middle, Zayn walked from behind it.
"I remember you once told me you wanted to do this a long time ago" he said.
"Zayn" I couldn't help but smile, I felt my heart flutter, and my stomach was tied up in knots.
He opened his arms and I couldn't think I just ran to him, I snuggled onto his chest, I quickly inhaled his scent, I felt his lips on my forearm.
"Come on" he said and waved to the rest to join.
"On three?" He whispered into my ear "to a new beginning" he smiled at me.
" To a new beginning" I whispered back, he cupped my cheek and kissed me, I could feel fireworks, I felt love, passion and happiness.
"Ready? " he asked the rest.
" Yes" they said in a unison.
" One,  two, three! " we pushed the huge lantern up.  All of them were flying together, it was a beautiful view, I looked at Zayn who was looking at me.
"I love you" he said.
"I love you too" I said and put my forehead on his.


Hey cuties! sorry for the short chapter :( midterms next week :( no phone :( wish me luck loves!! :*

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