Here We Go Again (one direction trilogy book two)

Harmony, Amanda, Mackenzie and Dawn have all split into different directions, The new bride to be brings them all back together. New adventures. New attitudes and a new bride.


5. Fit

-Liam's P.O.V-

"She's blonde" I said to Harry as I was drinking water in Zayn's kitchen.
"she's fit" said Harry nodding.
"she's always been fit" i mumbled but he didn't hear it.
"Did you say anything?"
"nothing" i said and put my glass into the sink.
"will you be alright with it if i ask her out?" he asked me.
"Yeah, sure. Go ahead" i said starting to do the dishes and trying to avoid eye contact.
"Thanks mate" he said and patted my back.
I didn't think seeing her would affect me as much. You're over it Liam. I walked into the living room where the guy were.
"how come you didn't tell any of us Niall!" said Louis.
"I knew" i said and sat down on the big red couch.
"What!?" said Zayn "how come?"
"He's the only one who isn't in a relationship or talks to any of the girls" Niall admitted.
"Why not?" Hazza asked me.
"because they all hate my guts" i said with the hint of "Duh" in my voice.
"why's that?" Asked Marcus.
"because of what I did to your sister" i sighed.
It really was the biggest mistake I've done in my entire life! saying I love you and then just leaving her like that.
"So I know I'm thinking far ahead but. BACHELOR PARTY!" said Zayn. I looked at him intrigued.
"what about it?" Said Niall.
"Strippers and shit!" said Zayn while putting his hands behind his head.
"yes!" said Harry and high fived him.
"you're in a relationship you... you idiot" i said to Zayn.
"Oh like Amanda wouldn't be planning the same shit, trust me i know my lady" said Zayn nodding.
"it's Nialler last night of being free!" Louis put his arm around Niall's shoulder.
"I'm not sure guys" said Niall.
After discussing our duties as his best men. Zayn came with me to show me to my room.
"Who's staying here too?"
"Louis, El and Harmony" he smiled.
"great" i nodded.
Their house was enormous with 4 bedroom and five bathrooms, a huge kitchen, a bar and a huge living room. I unpacked my clothes and then went downstairs, Harry, El, Louis, Zayn, Amanda and of course Harmony.
Harry and Harmony were having a drink, she was leaning on the counter and his hand was resting on the counter as well right next to her hip. He was telling her a something and she was smiling, her head was resting on the cupboard, he brushed stray hairs behind her ear, she was smiling and looking at her drink.
I stopped looking and sat on the couch next to Louis.
Harmony and Harry soon joined us.
"So what are we going to do now?" asked Louis.
"we can watch a movie" offered Amanda.
"You guys do that, I'm really jet legged so I'm just gonna go to bed" Said Harmony standing up.
Jet Legged. "I didn't want any girl, I want you". What happened to us?
"BOOOOO!" said Amanda trowing a pillow at her "party pooper!"
"goodnight" she said laughing and walking up the spiral staircase. Here we go again.

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