Here We Go Again (one direction trilogy book two)

Harmony, Amanda, Mackenzie and Dawn have all split into different directions, The new bride to be brings them all back together. New adventures. New attitudes and a new bride.


20. Drama, Drama, Drama

-Dawn's P.O.V-

"We're more that that"
I looked at Niall who looked almost as shocked as me.
The interview went on normally, after we finished and went off stage, Harmony, Marcus and Mackenzie joined us.
"More than friends?" i spat at Liam and Harmony.
"Yeah when did that happen?" asked Zayn.
"Guys let's just forget this" said Amanda clutching Zayn's shirt.
"NO!" I yelled "LET'S NOT!"
"Babe" started Niall.
"Niall not now, My wedding is in a month and your here to support me! not cause drama! Drama! Drama! Drama! I'm sick of it! stop being selfish and help me have one selfish night!" i Yelled.
Harmony looked up at me and i could see her eyes filled with tears, I couldn't look at her anymore so i just looked at my feet.
I heard her breath in and i looked up, when i did she ran.
"HARMONY!" yelled Harry and Liam together.
"Babe" whispered Niall and hugged me.
I started crying into his chest, regretting what i said.
We all drove to my house and sat in the living room waiting for them to call. Everybody was quiet, the door opened and a panting Harry came in.
"Did you find her?" asked El.
"No" he said out of breath.
"Where the hell can she be?!" said Amanda and then ran her fingers through her hair.
"She's on a plane" we heard Liam come in.
"WHAT?!" i yelled.
"She's heading home" sighed Liam.
I took his phone.

Harmony <3
Hey Liam, heading back home, nobody likes me anymore, i ruin everything, I love you, don't follow me, and tell Dawn I'm sorry.

"She kept it a secret because she didn't want to cause Drama" said Liam.
"She's gone" I said and looked at the flushed faces.
We heard Liam grunt and hit the wall.
"Liam?" asked Niall.
"She was so hurt, I could see it in her eyes, she never wanted this to happen!" he sat on the couch with his face in his hands.
"Dawn, you should call her" said Max.
"I will when she lands" i said feeling tears in my eyes.

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