Here We Go Again (one direction trilogy book two)

Harmony, Amanda, Mackenzie and Dawn have all split into different directions, The new bride to be brings them all back together. New adventures. New attitudes and a new bride.


31. Damn.

Amanda's P.O.V

I stared at my closet blankly, I have no clue what I'm going to wear. I texted Dawn and Elenour about going out. Suddenly, I got a phone call, Dawn.

"Hey babe!" I said.

"Hey baby! Listen, I can't make it tonight, I have class." She said sadly.

"Ughh!! *sigh* don't worry El will come with me." I said.

"I'm super duper sorry! And that's good! Okay I gotta go! Love you! Bye!" She said hanging up.

Great, well there's still El. Finally, I took my outfit out, well the shoes. Then my phone rang, El.

"Hey love!" I said into the phone.

"Hey darling! Listen I gotta make this quick before my boss catches me. I can't come tonight I have work!" She said.

"Noo!! It's okay Dawn is coming." I lied.

"Okay good. Gotta go! Love you! Kisses." She said hanging up. Why did I just lie to my best friends? Maybe I won't go. I sat on my bed and started thinking. Then I got a text message.

From: Blake
Hey :) cnt wait to see you tonight <3 x

Maybe I will go. I'll just be careful. It'll be hard because he's so dreamy, but I'll manage. I mean c'mon my boyfriend is Zayn Malik. I smirked to myself. Then I got another message.

From: Zayby <3<3
Hey baby! :) i miss you :( lsn I'm hangin with the lads and Little Mix, so I won't be home till late :( I love you to the moon and back a million times! :*:*<3<3<3

Well now I'm definitely going. I just won't feel that bad.

To: Zayby <3<3
Dnt Wrry about it love<3 I prolly won't be home wen u come back so dnt wait on me :/ hve fun :D<3 love ya waaaaaay more :*:*

I locked my phone and threw it on the bed. I got dressed into a short, white corset, a black and white leopard print, flow mini skirt and a burgundy blazer. I topped it off with black leather jimmy chu chus, bangles and a spike bracelet. I let my hair down in loose curls, with a lot of mascara a thin black line of eyeliner and red lipstick. I looked in the mirror, pretty good, if I say so myself. I heard the doorbell ring and I ran downstairs. I was alone in the house. I open it to see Blake wearing all black and a red tie. He was holding a black rose, typical.

"You look stunning." He said smiling "And we match." He added winking.

"Ya ya. Black rose? Really?" I said crossing my arms and smirking.

"Don't pretend you don't know my style." He said.

"I don't." I shrugged

. "Where are your snake bites?" I asked curiously.

"Didn't wear them tonight. My lips need a break, in any way they can." He winked.

"Aha? Okay lets go." I said locking the door.

He walked me to his car and drove to the restaurant. We took our seats and talked. We talked about our careers and everything. He didn't even know I was a model, and so far I don't think he knows I'm with Zayn.

"So you model lingerie?" He asked winking.

"No." I said sticking my tongue out.

"It's okay I once saw you bare." He said taking a bite out of his food.

"Shut up." I said blushing.

"But I wonder if you changed under there." He said playfully looking under the table.

"Stop! I'm serious!" I whisper-scream.

We finished dinner and walked around for a bit.

"I miss you." He said as we were in front of my house.

"I get that a lot." I said chuckling.

He grabbed my arm and turned me around. He stroked my cheek and put a strand of my hair behind my ear.

"None of them mean it as much as me." He whispered seductively.

He cupped my cheeks and kissed me, full of passion and lust. I kissed back, I enjoyed it and didn't want it to stop. We finally let go and I looked up at him.

"I wanna see you again." He whispered in my ear.

"I...I can't Blake." I stuttered.

"Why?" He asked.

"I have a boyfriend. Zayn Malik." I said with my eyes closed.

"The bad boy of that fag band?!" He screamed.

"They're not fags! He's my boyfriend." I said.

He chuckled, "I was your first." He whispered walking away.

Damn, Harmony was right. He is smooth. Wait, what did I just do?!! Oh my god! I felt my eyes get watery, but I sucked it up and walked into my house. I went into my room and found Zayn sleeping, I quickly changed and ran to Harmony's room. I barged in and she was chatting with Liam.

"Hey daddy! I need Harmony." I screamed.

They laughed at my remark and Harmony stood up. I grabbed her arm and dragged her up to my roof.

"What's wrong boo?" She asked smiling.

"Blake! I kissed him! Well he kissed me. But I kissed back." I said looking up.

"You did what?! What's wrong with you Amanda?! Are you crazy?! Yes you are crazy!" She screamed in shock.

"You said it Harms! He's smooth!" I screamed.

"But it meant nothing right?" She asked.

"No of course not." I said with the duh tone.

"Okay you have to tell Zayn." She said.

"Hell no! Are you crazy? Are you mentally unstable? What's wrong with you?" I screamed.

"You have to! He's your boyfriend!" She screams.

"If I tell him I won't have a boyfriend anymore!" I scream back.

"Amanda! Stop being stubborn!" She yells.

"I'm not doing this Harmony!" I yell standing my ground.

"You know I looked up to you. And whenever I was down, I thought to myself, what would Amanda do? But now you're being a total bitch." She said angrily.

"Fuck you! I'm sick of you! Little miss goodie two shoes!" I scream.

She looks at me about to cry and storms down to her bedroom. I immediately regret what I said and go to my bedroom. I laid next to Zayn and he instantly knew, even in his deep sleep. He pulled me close to him, my back to his chest.

"I was cold." He hummed. "Now I'm warm." I felt him smile on my neck.

Wow, thanks for making me feel worse.

-the next week-

Amanda's P.O.V

I was sitting on Harry's lap as he attempted to do my hair, his idea.

"Ouch!" I scream.

"Sorry." He chuckles.

"All done!" He screamed.

Everyone started laughing and looking at me. Zayn threw me his mirror, I looked.

"Oh my god Harry! My hair looks like your hair on crack!" I scream in shock.

He messes it up and it's all over my face.

"Thanks Styles." I say sitting back.

"Owww!!!" He screamed.

Then I notice where I put my knee. I moved it quickly laughing with everyone else, except Harmony, we haven't talked all week. All of the sudden, I felt like throwing up. I jumped up from Harry's lap and ran up to my bedroom and threw up. I look in the mirror, seeing my pale face. 

I sighed and eyed the box i hid behind the radiator. I gave up and walked to it, pulling out two pregnancy tests out i felt like my heart was in my throat. i checked. It was positive, I was in shock. No, I'm not ready to be a mother. I sat on the bed with my face in my hands,This isn't happening. I'm pregnant with Zayn's child, this isn't happening. It's just a dream.

Then, Zayn walked in and sat in front of me.

"What's wrong?" He asked holding my hand.

"Nothing." I sighed. He nodded and let go of my hand.

"Hey, where were you last week?" He asked. Shit.

"Out." I said casually.

"With?" He asked.

"An old friend." I answered.

"Name?" He asked irritated.

"Blake." I said.

"Zayn" I said standing up and wrapping my arms around his neck, I took a deep breath and just said "I'm pregnant".

He looked at me shocked and then he looked at the bed and saw the result, took it, looked at it and put it down. 

"Who is this Blake character?" He asked totally ignoring the result.

"The guy I lost my virginity to." I said rubbing the back of my neck. His eyes bulged out.

"Tell me you're not pregnant from him." He said standing up.

"It was a million years ago Zayn". I chuckled.

"I'm talking about last week." He said angry.

"What are you asking? If I cheated?!" I screamed in shock.

"Yes." He said looking at me.

"No!" I said looking down.

"You're lying to me!" He screamed and started walking out.

"No! Okay! He kissed me and I kissed back." I said shamefully.

He was quiet and in shock.

"But it's your child Zayn." I said.

"How am I supposed to believe you?!!" He screamed louder.

"Lower your voice!" I whisper-screamed.

"Oh you don't want anyone knowing you cheated on me?! And lied to me?! Well you're a little late!" He screamed.

He opened the door, with his hand on the handle he turned around, "And you didn't trust me. All I've been is faithful to you." He whispered and walked away.

Everyone was standing by the door, disappointment all over their faces. Harry looked shocked the most.

"Harry." I whispered.

"I warned you Amanda. Please just..just don't." He said walking away.

"I can't believe this Amanda. Why'd you go?" Max said walking away.

Marcus came, "It'll be alright. But that was low, even for you." He whispered walking away.

I felt tears and the rest shook their head and walked away. I started crying and Niall came and hugged me as I cried on his chest. Liam was behind me patting my back. I saw Harmony by the doorway, just staring at me.

She mouthed, "I told you."

I mouthed, "I'm sorry."

She walked away. Niall let go of me and looked at me, "Everything is gonna be okay." He said.

Harry walked in front of the door,

"He's staying at Perrie's for now. Drake and Marcus are going so no paparazzi can follow. " He said walking away.

This is exactly what I deserve. My phone buzzed in my pocket.

Liam took it out, he sighed, "It's the asshole."

He said looking at the message. He threw my phone on my bed and turned me around to face him,

"You have to be completely separated from him. You understand?" He said. I nod still crying. He hugged me,

"Zayn will always love you." He said into my hair.

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