Here We Go Again (one direction trilogy book two)

Harmony, Amanda, Mackenzie and Dawn have all split into different directions, The new bride to be brings them all back together. New adventures. New attitudes and a new bride.


2. Chinese or Pizza

-Amanda's P.O.V-

"OUCH! Patrisha!" i whined because my stylist poked me with a pin.
"sorry" she laughed, I stuck my tongue out at her.
She comes to my house a lot to design when we are not in the studio. Being a model isn't what you expect, you never get enough sleep, your almost always get legged. People expect you to look perfect everyday, you have to look good every time you walk out even for mail. Your life is planned for four years ahead, if you don't make it to fashion week your nobody. And worst of all, I barely see Zayn.
Bebe use to be my platform but i grew out of it, I'm an independent model with a manager. I get calls from all over, i was just recently the cover face of vogue magazine. Victoria's secrets have actually asked me to be one of their models, but after i thought about it, and by that I mean Zayn didn't like the idea of me modelling lingerie, i said no. I might model in a fashion show or two for them but not be an Angel.
Even if modelling has so many diss advantages i still love it, I mean i get to go to the sickest parties, have fun on set, dance while people take pictures of me. After four months we were going to Ghana, raising money for children to go to school. I feel so grateful about my life, I enjoy my job, I live with the man I love, I have the best friends ever.
After Graduation Zayn and I moved into his flat in London, but as we both grew more successful we bought a mansion in London.
Zayn and I tour a lot, we try to fit in each others schedules as much as possible. Sometimes i just crave when we are both in bed and we are just talking, about life, about us, about our jobs, the future, touring, modelling, singing. Fortunately, we are both on break now so we have three months of nothing planned ahead.
I barely see my girls anymore, Ive seen Mackenzie on Christmas last year because Zayn and I celebrated with my parents in New York, and when i tour in NYC i have to see her. Dawn lives across the street so we see each other a lot, but she had exams last month so i didn't see her at all. And Harmony, we never talk anymore, latest thing ive heard is that she has a major job in California, we talk occasionally once every six months or so.
"I'm hoooome!" yelled Zayn.
"Hi" i said and looked at him unable to moved without being poked with needles.
"Hey Patrisha" he said.
"hey" she said and slowly taking off the skirt.
"Ouch!" They both started laughing,
After it was off of my body i picked up my sweats from the ground and put them on. I walked over to Zayn and pecked his lips. He wrapped his arms around me. Patrisha was packing her things.
"are you not staying for dinner?" asked Zayn.
"I'd love to, but i have to go to the studio" she pouted. I walked her to the door and hugged her goodbye.
I grabbed one of my jackets and put it on, after walking to the living room i sat on the edge on our huge red, leather couch, hugging my legs. Zayn sat next to me and we started talking until we eventually talked about dinner.
"Can we just order Chinese or pizza or anything? I'm starving!" i pouted.
"I feel like Chinese" he said and held my hands.
"me to" i smiled and stood up to go order.
I ordered then stood on the coffee table, Zayn patted on his lap and I sat there.
"do you hear that?" he asked.
"no" i said confused,
"exactly" he said while placing his hand on my neck and pulled me down. I started giggling and we were making out on the couch. Goodness i miss this!
The doorbell rang and rudely interrupted us. Zayn went to see who it was, i ran to the kitchen and set up the plates, and poured a little bit of red wine for both of us.
as we were eating, messing around, laughing I got a text.

From: Dawn <3

i spit out the red wine and started screaming, Zayn looked at me startled.
"Niall Proposed!" i yelled and he was in pure and utter shock. Here we go again.

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