Here We Go Again (one direction trilogy book two)

Harmony, Amanda, Mackenzie and Dawn have all split into different directions, The new bride to be brings them all back together. New adventures. New attitudes and a new bride.


41. Busy Day

-Amanda's P.O.V-

I woke up at about 10 AM and the house was silent, i sighed and remembered that the girls and guys had left, the house is going to feel so big, lonely, quiet and boring. I look around my white black and rend bedroom and remember the memories that took place here, from Harmony and Liam's kiss to Lia and I's fight, a lot of things happened here, its so strange how i turned out to hold on to all of these people and now i only have Zayn and Harry, the rest are all in different sides of the world. i turn over and look at my bedside table, I found a note in Zayn's Handwriting.

Gone out for a meeting with Paul



I sat up in bed and stared at the piece of paper, i guess I'm alone right now, Zayn and Harry aren't here, so i stood up and walked to the bathroom, i looked at my reflection in my silk sleep wear and think I'm going to be a mother. I pulled my hair back and put it in a messy bun, again i look at my reflection, i need to start acting more mature and start getting ready for baby Malik. I sigh and walk out to my bed room and pull out a red robe from the closet. I walked out hoping that i would find them all downstairs, but the house was so quiet, nobody was here. i leaned on the railing of the stairs and looked down into the empty living room, then i walked into Harmony and Liam's bedroom. The bed was neatly made and everything was in place, i sighed heavily and walked downstairs and unlocked the door to find a stranger opening the gate to my house. Wait, it isn't a stranger. Anna.

"Hey" i said a bit confused.

"HI" she said a bit shocked.

"how are you?" i said while hugging her.

"Good, how about you?" shes smiles.

"Great" i smile back "so what brings you here?" I ask and invite her in.

"Oh Dawn sent me actually" She said and i was in complete shock.

"Oh" i manage to say.

"Yeah she wants her blue cardigan and she wants you to know that she returned all your dresses"

"She what?!" i ask not noticing that i was yelling.

"Yep" she says.

"Let me get the cardigan" i said and ran upstairs.

I felt back stabbed, betrayed and upset. i know we had hurt her but she could at least come herself and get the bloody cardigan herself, instead of showing off how she had replaced us. I opened my closed, yanked her cardigan off of the hanger and slammed the doors shut. I ran downstairs and handed Anna the cardigan.

"Are you okay Amanda?" she asks worriedly.

I didn't notice that i was panting "I'm Fine" 

"Okay, i should go" she said walking towards the door.

"Yeah" i said closing the door behind her.

Once i did i sat on the floor and started crying, i reached for my pocket and dialed Zayn, balling.

"Zayn?" I sob.

"Amanda? what's wrong?" he asked sounding worried.

"Come home please" i sob harder.

"I'm on my way"

I sat on the floor still in the same position, crying. When i heard the front door slam shut and i felt a pair of warm hands wrap around me.

"shhhhhh, babe i'm here" i heard Zayn's voice whisper.

I immediately stop cying and hug him.

"How about we go out for a walk?" he took the words out of my mouth.

i nodded still unable to talk.

Zayn helped me up to our room, and i got dressed in some Capri's and a white shirt. When i walked downstairs Zayn came up to me and planted a kiss on my nose. i couldn't help but smile. We walked out of the house hand in hand and walked to the nearby park.

"That's low" said Zayn.

"I know" I say taking a bite out of my hot dog.

He chuckled and had a bite out of his Hot dog.

"Zayn, i'm pretty sure we're supposed to see a doctor about the whole baby thing, i mean i have no idea what to do" I say and pull my hair behind my ear.

"Okay, how about we go now? since we have nothing better to do?" he suggested.

"Okay" i said "Let's see baby Malik" i giggle.

I called my doctor and told him we we're coming in for a check up and luckily he said that he was free to see. I have to say i'm a bit nervous, Zayn and i held hands through the cab drive to the clinic's.

"so what do we call baby malik if it turns out to be a boy?" Asked Zayn.

"ummm, I honestly have no idea"

When we arrived my heart started beating so fast, my palms we're sweating i was nervous. We didn't have to wait we walked in and i had to lay down on a bed, and raise my shirt so they can put a gooey substance on my stomach, Zayn, of course, held my hand through it all.

"Well now we know why your bump is a bit bigger than normal" the doctor chuckled.

"what?" i said worried.

"They're twins"



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