Here We Go Again (one direction trilogy book two)

Harmony, Amanda, Mackenzie and Dawn have all split into different directions, The new bride to be brings them all back together. New adventures. New attitudes and a new bride.


4. Blonde

-Dawn's P.O.V-

"Show me!" squealed Amanda. I put my hand out, we both started screaming.
"isn't it beautiful?!" i asked admiring it
"it's beautiful" she said taking my hand "When's Mackenzie coming?"
"Niall and Harry just went to get them from the airport" I said still looking at the ring.
"what about Harmony?" she whispered.
"she's also coming today, but she has a meeting, really important she told Niall" i said looking at her.
"I miss the shit out of all of you" She said smiling.
"I miss you guys too" I hugged her.
I heard a car pulling up in front of my house so we both ran out, but it was just Louis and Eleanor. I ran over to El and gave her a hug, then stretched across the car to high five Louis. They came in, El, Amanda and I started making chocolate chip cookies. Zayn and Liam came next and I ran to hug them, they congratulated me and came inside. We sat on the floor in a circle, catching up and killing time.
we heard another car pull up, Amanda and I shot outside.
"Mackenzie!" I screamed and ran to her. I hugged her and we fell, Amanda soon joined us on the floor.
"Damn Dawn you grew so much prettier!" She said while hugging me.
"your one to talk! look at you!" i said twirling her around and we hugged again.
Amanda was hugging Marcus and i soon did the same.
"is she here yet?" whispered Max into my ear.
"Not yet" i whispered back and smiled at her.
We all went inside for a bit, had some cookies, talked about the past few years. Talked about memories, good and bad ones.
The sun was shining outside, and the weather was perfect, the boys went out and started playing soccer on the Lawn, and The rest of us laid down on tanning chairs.
"Do you think she's changed?" asked Max.
"i reckon so" Said Amanda.
"I miss her, and it sucks that she hasn't even talked about Liam once. Not a single symbol to show that she was heart broken because of what he did" I said.
"Maybe she just didn't want to drag attention to herself" said El, we all looked and her and started nodding.
A car stopped in front of our lawn, the window's were blackened and the car was all jet black. The driver got out and ran to the back door. We were all just standing there, Liam was holding the ball when the door opened.
Beige heels popped out, followed by a baby blue pencil skirt and a ruffled button down, tucked in. Raybans and the latest Iphone in one hand but wait. Blonde hair. Liam's ball fell and the sound of it bouncing off was echoing in my head.
"Yes Daddy, done deal, Love you too, Bye" she hung up and smiled at me. It was Harmony! I ran to her and hugged her so tight, Max and Amanda soon joined in.
"Holey shit Ginger you're blonde!" stated Louis, we all group hugged except Liam, we made room for him, he didn't come, he just looked at her and she just looked at him, when he started walking she looked at me and squealed.
"Show me the ring!" i put my hand out and I heard Niall giggle.
"It's gorgeous!" she said in awe.
"when did this happen?!" Asked Amanda holding Harmony's hair.
"Age nineteen" she smiled.
"wow, you look amazing" said Hazz and hugged her. Here we go again.

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