Here We Go Again (one direction trilogy book two)

Harmony, Amanda, Mackenzie and Dawn have all split into different directions, The new bride to be brings them all back together. New adventures. New attitudes and a new bride.


22. Beach

Harmony's P.O.V

I sat on the beach, in front of my house, alone. I held some sand and watched as it fell from my hands. My eyes were blood shot and puffy, my stomach was burning but I couldn't eat, my phone was ringing but I never answered. I stood up and started walking on the shore, feeling the sand between my toes and the water hitting my feet every once in a while. I mess up everything.  I can't talk to anyone. If I talk to any of my friends I'll just say the wrong things, If I talk to Liam I'll cry double as much as I do, and it I talk to family they just wouldn't care, and it hurt.

I walked up to my house and looked at the time on my phone,
7missed calls
8 messages
All from Liam.

It was 5pm so I ran up to my room got dressed in jeans, a shirt and toms. I hopped into my car and slowly drove to a little health center. I walked in and walked into an office that reads

Dr. Umen

"Hello Harmony" he smiled widely at me.

"Hi" I croaked and smiled weakly.

"How are you?" He asked.

I instantly broke down to tears, I couldn't even bother to walk to the sofa. I was on the floor crying my eyes out.The doctor gave me some medicine to calm me down.

"What happened?" He asked kindly.

"I'm selfish,  and I cause to much drama" I whispered.

"What makes you say that?" He asked, rubbing my back.

"Family,  friends, life, everything"

I told him everything that was on my mind, I just expelled it from my heart. I told him everything that had happened to me since my abusive boyfriend. I instantly felt better, but I still wasn't the ginger everybody remembers.

He advised me to call Liam at least but I told him I couldn't,  he explained to me things about myself that I didn't even know.
After that I had another appointment in four days.

I drove home and ate an apple, finally shushing my stomach, my phone rang and it was Amanda.

"Hello? "

"Harmony?! Oh my god Harmony! You have me worried sick! Why'd you leave?!" She said crying into the phone.

"Amanda I need some time away from everyone. I'm sorry. I love you and I have to go. Bye." It felt hard saying that to her. I could tell by her voice that she needed me more than ever.

I changed into some shorts and Liam's shirt that he left at my house 5 years ago. It still held his scent I clutched it tight and sat on the warm sand, feeling the wind blow through my hair, for once I was care free. I just wanted to enjoy this moment.

When it started getting colder and darker I decided to go inside and make something to eat, so I went inside and started chopping some vegetables. I just opened my eyes and saw a fresh scar on my hand and then I looked at the knife and it was all bloody, I started to worry, I had no memory of how that had happened.  I ran to the first aid kit and put on a bandage.
I called the doctor immediately and told him what had just happened,  he said it was completely normal and that I should just get some rest, so I ran upstairs and tucked myself in. I had a feeling that it was nowhere near normal.

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