**This is written by an author on here who would not share it, she was too afraid she would be judged, or found out by her family. I'm sharing it for her for you people to understand what a horrible, and scarring thing rape is. It's an awful story. Understand this is many people's lives. For example, if you right a story about being raped by One Direction, I have the right to be very very angry. This is a serious topic.**


1. No...

The word 'no' must mean something new
For me I think of it as stop, I don't agree,
It seems your dictionary must be sketchy
Because when I say 'don't' you do
I don't play the opposite day game
Words have one original meaning
I'm pretty sure 'don't' and 'no'
Have always meant the same things

Although I may cry, beg,
Pleading on my hands and knees
You laugh in my face anyways
I ask you to go away, don't touch me,
But you do it anyways, little spider fingers
Creeping, crawling, grasping, touching
The unzip of metal and unclasped buttons
Ring like screams in my ears

So wounded, my pride, my innocence
Through closed eyes I can't make you

I wish my mind had a mute button

I've lost everything except words
I hate my words

Shake me,
You'll hear the broken pieces rattle.
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