She's different

(I will add more chapters, please tell me if you want me to) This is a story about a boy who, walking on the beach, sees a really pretty girl. But, she doesn't catch his attention because he's pretty. She catches it because she's running around with her friends, having fun; not caring what others think of her.


1. She's different

She's different

Ch. 1

Ty's p.o.v

I call up my best friends, Alex, Caleb, and Rick. Telling them all to meet me at coral sands, our favorite beach. We usually met at the crab, a little restaurant on the beachfront. I'm sixteen. As I drive through the busy streets of Hawaii, I begin getting excited. I love this beach, it's the best. I park near the crab, and get out, slamming my car door behind me. I walk inside to meet Alex, Caleb, and Rick. "Yo, man!" My best friend, Alex calls. We highfive, and grin at eachother. We all order lemonades, and stride out of the crab to find places on the beach. Rick starts up a convo. "So, Caleb, how's your new job going?" Caleb groans. He had just gotten a new job at his dad's fishing station. "Oh, man. You don't even know how many evil crabs have nicked these hands." We all grin. "Well, I'm doing pretty well." Alex states. "As always." I huff. We all laugh. Alex is a surfer, well, we all are, but Alex was discovered. We're not jealous, no. We're all happy for Alex. I work in a men's clothing store. I happen to be good with that type of stuff. Oh, and Rick. Rick works at the crab. "So, guys, any girls in your life lately?" I ask. They all shake their heads, and even though I don't shake mine, I don't have a girl either. Suddenly, I hear a scream and sand sprays all over me. "Jeez!" I yell. "Sorry, sorry, man! Omg, I can't believe that just happened!" I look up to see a girl with light brown hair looking down at me. She is REALLY pretty. Not that type of plastic pretty, just that natural pretty. She is wearing a spaghetti strap shirt, a dark blue one, and grey shorts. I smile. "Girl, yo got some problems." She laughs down at me. "No, I don't, she does." The girl jerks her thumb towards a blond girl behind her. "She threw sand at me, and missed. Thus..." She gestured towards the sand covering my red tee-shirt and tan shorts. I laugh, and stand up, brushing the sand off of me. She smiles nervously. I extend my hand. "Ty." She smiles. "I'm Jayden." We shake hands. Then, with one last smile at me, she scoops up and handful of sand, spins, and hurls is at her friend. "You did that on purpose, Chloe!" She screams, as she runs after her friend. "You need a man in your life, girl!" Chloe answers. "And guy friends don't count!" She adds. I watch as two other girls and two guys join them. The girls are one with curly black hair, and another with blond hair. The boys are both tall and tanned, one with blond hair, one with light brown. The whole group is fit. They don't seem to care what other people think of them. I sit down, and watch as one of the two guys, the blond one, picks Jayden up. He yells something, and everyone else starts pelting sand at her. Jayden screams, but I can see that she is smiling. When I finally turn back to my friends, they are all smiling at me. "What?!?" "Well..." Alex starts. "Ty's got a cru-ush!" Rick yells. I moan, great, if other guys could tell, then Jayden could definetly tell. Girls are just good that way.

Jayden's p.o.v

"Sam, put me down!" I scream at Sam. He laughs, but, after a few more handfuls of sand thrown at me, he places me back in the sand. His blond hair flashes in the sun as he begins to run. He knows I will plaster him with sand. I scream, running after him. We are both very fast runners. Sam is tall, tanned, and muscly. I, on the other hand, am slim, and oh... I don't know, normal sized? I run after him, my hair waving in the wind. I turn, to yell at Rebecca and Chloe. Rbecca's curly black hair bounces as she whips around, nudging Chloe. They both come to castch up with me, and I point at Sam. They nod, and split into different directions. As we corner Sam, I huge smile slides onto my face. "You are SOO gonna get it!" I yell at Sam. We all throw sand at him, and he cowers. Once we're satisfied, we lay off. "Alright, you can be revived now." He raises his head, smiling. "Let's call the others and sit down." Chloe says. We nod, and call Alexis and Zack over. As we sit, I realise we are near Ty. Butterflies go through my stomach, and Rebecca, my best friend, jerks her head towards him. I look at her like, should I actually go talk to him? And Rebecca nods. I look over at Ty, his light brown hair is glinting in the sun. I take a deep breath, here goes nuttin'. I walk up to Ty, but before I even get halfway there, I turn back. All of my friends have amused smiles on their faces. "What?" I ask as I sit back down in between Zack and Chloe. Rebecca laughs. "We know you, girl. Go, go talk to him." I wriggle nervously. "Come on!" Sam says. "Oh, do you know how to do this, Sam?" He nods. "Oh, so you're gay?" I ask him. He stops nodding, and his eyes widen. I smile. "That's what I thought." Chloe shoves me upward, and pushes me towards Ty. "Go." she says. I bite my lip, but nod. This time, I do get to Ty. I clear my throat nervously. "Oh, hey." Ty says. I notice two of his friends have left. That leavees him with one friend. I sit down. "Hey, sorry for uh, my friend. Chloe is very, persuasive about guys." Ty and his friend laugh. "It's okay. As long as you're not going to pelt me with sand, you wanna take a walk?" I bite my lip. "Sure." Ty's friend nods. He walks away. Ty stands and smiles. As we walk, he begins the convo. "Ya know, one thing I noticed about you is, you and your friends don't really care what others think. That's pretty cool." I smile nervously. "Uh, thanks. We jsut like to have fun. And if that means others will think we act like children, so be it." Suddenly, Alexis runs up to me. Her blond hair glinting in the sun. "We've gotta go." She says. I nod and turn to Ty. "I happen to have a piece of paper right here, so here, is my number." I have a paper because I like to draw, and sometimes I like to draw the beach. Then, I just turn and walk away.

Ch. 2


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