I had run away, from life. My parents, my so called friends, my besfriend who left me, everything. Niall left me, he was my best friend ever, since birth we have been friends but that meant nothing to him, in 2010 he left me for the boys. I have no posters of them just pictures of Niall. TWIST! Harry and his girl will now also be the main charecters.


9. Zayny's Baby

------------authors note--------------- hey guys real quick note, the next few chapters won't be very good cause i hurt my thumb and index finger really bad but I'll try my best._-----------------------------


Brittany's P.O.V


I was getting ready to go out with my friend Zoey she had met this amazing guy and they've now been dating for a month so I get to meet him, yippe:/. She told me that he's a directioner, hmm never met a guy directioner before oh well. I'm not a huge One Direction fan, but there ok. My favorite is Zayn, theres just something about him that makes me fall in love with him. I curled my brown hair and put on some purple eyeshadow to match my jack wills t-shirt, I then threw on these jeans Zoey's boyfriend got her but I borrowed them there from holister. I finished getting ready and went downstairs.


Zayn's P.O.V


Harry your sure this girl will like me? I asked Harry as we  drove upto this average sized brick house with a brown haired hazel eyed girl sitting on the porch. Holy shit, my mouth dropped open. Positive Harry's husky voice said so I looked at Zoey to make sure, sure she will Zayn who wouldn't love you, she questioned as she got out of the car to get the stunning girl. Hi I'm Brittany, she said. Wow her voice it's perfect its and British/American accent. Hey I'm Z-, she cut me off, yoour Zayn I know I love you well not scream in your face love but love. I chuckled cool hope you don't mind me coming with I said. Oh not at all she replied.


Brittany's P.O.V


Uh Zoey you never told me your boyfriend was Harry fucking Styles! I screamed at Zoey half laughing. Zayn and Harry threw there heads back laughing as Zoey said, You never asked. I chuckled a little and looked at Zayn's hand. It was on mine with his other one on my thigh. He started to move them so I looked at him and shook my head he smiled. Then he leaned in and whispered, "you know the Zayny boy would love if you went on a date with him" I laughed and said" why not zayny boo.


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