I had run away, from life. My parents, my so called friends, my besfriend who left me, everything. Niall left me, he was my best friend ever, since birth we have been friends but that meant nothing to him, in 2010 he left me for the boys. I have no posters of them just pictures of Niall. TWIST! Harry and his girl will now also be the main charecters.


4. Niall's back

I was sitting in the fort listening to some music and heard something, footsteps. Who's there? I whisper yell. The footsteps get louder. Who the hells there?! I yelled this time. Someone started moving the door handle. I was shivering with fear, who the fuck is there! All the sudden the door opens and he's there. NI NI! I screamed, Hi babe, he said while picking me up. I missed you Ni Ni, I missed you to Lindsey, Niall said tears in his eyes.


--------------forward 7 months-------------------


Me and Niall share a house now but still hang out in the fort, I've met the boys so were all close Louis has El Liam has Danny and were all best friends. Harry and Zayn are single and for the record me and Niall are not dating but i kinda like him and El and Danny both know but we think he likes Demi so I'm bummed





******authrs note************* short chapter so sorry it will get better i swear


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