I had run away, from life. My parents, my so called friends, my besfriend who left me, everything. Niall left me, he was my best friend ever, since birth we have been friends but that meant nothing to him, in 2010 he left me for the boys. I have no posters of them just pictures of Niall. TWIST! Harry and his girl will now also be the main charecters.


6. Concert

Harry's P.O.V


"Your last first kiss" we finished the last song and were about to go off stage but she was there. LOU ITS HER I ran up to Lou and pointed her all the girls screamed thinking I was pointing at them. I walked over to the one girl bent down handed her my number asked for her name and said "i wanna be last yeah baby let me be your last your last first kiss" she blushed and then Lindsey and Niall came on stage and pulled me off. Lindsey why are you on stage? I questioned even though I knew the answer.


Niall'a P.O.V


Hey everyone! I yelled into the mic. They all screamed. Now I know you think this night is over but I want you to meet someone very important to me and I need to ask her a question. All the girls screamed and pushed through the crowd thinking I meant them, I chuckled to myself. Lindsey come on out I said. I guess all the girls named Lindsey thought it was them and ran for the stage I backed away frightened and the gaurds stopped them. Lindsey well my Lindsey stepped onto the stage blushing. Hey everyone this is Lindsey I've known her since she was born and on July 17th 2007 we promised to be best friends forever, and as you all know today is July 17th 2012 our five year best friend anniversery so I have a very important question to ask her now listen to me. If she gets any hate at all I will not sign any more pictures at meet and greats or hug another fan because I love you Lindsey and I want to be with you forever will you be my girlfriend? I asked full of hope. Ni Ni I would want nothing more she said. I then picked her up spun her around and kissed her, the crowd awwed as I carried her off the stage bridal style.

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