I had run away, from life. My parents, my so called friends, my besfriend who left me, everything. Niall left me, he was my best friend ever, since birth we have been friends but that meant nothing to him, in 2010 he left me for the boys. I have no posters of them just pictures of Niall. TWIST! Harry and his girl will now also be the main charecters.


5. Clubing

Harry's P.O.V


We were out clubbing tonight since the boys and I had off for a while so why not enjoy it? I was drinking my first beer so i was still sober and then I saw her. She had blonde hair the most perfect blue eyes but she walked away my smile turned into a frown and my eyes fell to the floor. "Haz you alright"? Louis asked me. Yeah Lou I'm fine just saw a perect girl but she walked away before I could say hi. "aw bro I'm sorry come on we got a concert tomorrow come loosen up. Your right Lou, thanks.


Four more shots, I say a little tipsy. "HEY HARRY OVER HEEEERE" Lou screamed he's obviously drunk. COMING LOU,I screamed back then walked over to the V.I.P area. Hey baby, I whispered to a brown haired girl. "hi sexy" she said by the tone of her voice I could tell she was sober but I didn't care. I leaned into her and started to kiss her very passionetly, as the kiss started to get deeper she allowed my tounge to enter her mouth, I picked her up and carried her to a near by closet hoping to go further but i stopped. What am I doing I love that Blonde girl so what if I don't know her name I love her. As the random girl was ripping her shirt off i slowly left the closet I was now sober and the boys were just a little drunk so we called a cab and went back home and slept.

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