I had run away, from life. My parents, my so called friends, my besfriend who left me, everything. Niall left me, he was my best friend ever, since birth we have been friends but that meant nothing to him, in 2010 he left me for the boys. I have no posters of them just pictures of Niall. TWIST! Harry and his girl will now also be the main charecters.


10. 7 8 9 months

Niall's P.O.V


It was mine and Lindsey's 9th month anniversery Harry and Zoey's 8th and Zayn and Brittany's 7th. I was going to suprise Lindsey.

----later that night----

I lit candles in the room, the guys were all out and Lindsey would be home soon. So I continued lighting candles, I put rose pedals from the front door to the bed, I put on heart boxers and a shirt that said Sexy on it, I played this romantic music and hear footsteps. I ran to the bed and layed there like a model. Lindsey started getting closer and closer then she opened the door. She came and sat on the bed laying next to me, I looked into her eyes. I leaned in and kissed her, the kiss started getting deeper. her shirt was off and she was now ontop of me. Without breaking the kiss I unhooked her bra and through it across the room. She took my shirt off and started kissing up my abs. Soon she was llaying naked, she fastly took my boxers off. And then the rest is censored. Once we were done, we lay naked. She got up to take a shower and I quietly followed but she didn't realize. When she closed her eyes to put the shampoo in I snuck in. I then went into the shower, music was playing so loud sje didn't know, until i kissed her. She jumped the looked at me.  We got out of the shower and walked to the bathtub as it was filling we had a makeout session, the kiss was getting deeper and more passionate but then the tub almost over flowed. I picked her up and put her in. I lay under her with her head on my chest. I watched her breathe and looked into her eyes, uh oh. I got a boner. A big one. She turned around around laughing, I blushed. She was now looking into my eyes. I was so turned on. I unplugged the tub and the water went down the drain. I lay her down and started kissing her neck, then her stomach the her lips. Sparks flew the kiss was so passionate. My tounge entered her mouth and we heard footsteps but we didn't stop. Harry opened the door laughed then walked away. Then the magic happened....again

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