The Boyfriend Games ( One direction fanic )

Simon Cowell decided to make the boys their own bachelor about 2000 girl wanted to be in the compeition but only 20 got in. Alex Carter is a normal 18 year old girl with a dream about becoming mrs Horan . follow the story through tears drama and ofcourse, love.


26. Tameika & ariana

Recap : i need to tell you something alex.. Niall said to me . - tell me then niall i told him and he roller his eyes. - errr..... I took the last apple and i am so sorry he said really fast i almost didnt hear. - You said wuuuuut i gave him a light slap on the head and told him to fixa. New apple but then the bitch named amy came and slapped me right on the face - bitch she said and kissed niall on the cheek honestly i got jealous but hey thats my man . - Wow somebody got a problem i said while holding my hand on the cheek. I can only tell you that the next cermony vill be awesome and did i mention that 2 new girls came in to the house yesturday after the rose cermony well their names are Tameika and ariana they are soo sweet bit it is funny because ariana are so clingy on louis and give him a lot of a attention and louis loves it I guess thats just louis A/N hiii guys so read my new fanfic about a girl named mckenna starting at a new one direction UNI please check it out :D and thanks for all the comments keep sending in questions and love you all potatoes 😘

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