The Boyfriend Games ( One direction fanic )

Simon Cowell decided to make the boys their own bachelor about 2000 girl wanted to be in the compeition but only 20 got in. Alex Carter is a normal 18 year old girl with a dream about becoming mrs Horan . follow the story through tears drama and ofcourse, love.


56. chapter 60

Alex pov


So me and niall talked everything out and i told him what happend and he believed me even though it was a very weird story. We told the police about the kidnapper and they are still searching for the man. Also today is Liams Date announcement and the date is tomorrow. i dont know who he likes so its hard imaging who he likes. Me and Niall were back at the house and sitting on the couch. He is so sweet he noticed that i was cold so he gave me a blanket wich he wrapped around me and him. Yeah its weird i mean it is summer but whatever i was cold. Everybody sat down at the couch and Gabby started reading the announcement. 


Hello ladies.

I am going to make you feel like a princess so get ready because

this is your childhood dream xx


I pick : Mckenna , Ashley and Lianna 

Liam x.   

Aww that was so sweet. Noticed that Lianna smiled , they would be so cute togheter. I ship them i really do.Them other girls screamed and jumped around the house. Charlotte was very

dissapointed so she went to her room.I didnt think that Charlotte liked Liam at all. 



I tought that liam would pick me i mean me and him have been  hanging out  a lot lately. I

guess this is his way of showing me that we are just supposed to be friends.Ugh i cant deal

with this i mean i love Liam he is my everything he has always been. If only Lianna wasnt here thenLiam would of fallen in love with me but she has to ruin everthing. I went to my bed and jumped on it.I sat down and looked at  my phone and i didnt see any texts , just nothing. Great . I dont even have friends what a wonderful person i am. I should just dissapear maybe die. When you die suddenly everyone loves you. Everyone will claim that they were always there. Or no one will notice that i am gone , thats how it i

alex pov 

We were tired after a long chat , when i say a long chat i mean it , we talked for 5 hours. It was so cozy and this was the best moment of being in the house with everyone wrapped in blankets , smiling and drinking tea. soo british i know. We all got tired and Paul took the boys to their apartment. Us girls went to bed just waiting for the sun to go up again for a new day , a new adventure. 


- next day- 

When i woke up i noticed that nobody was asleep , everyone was chatting downstairs while eating breakfast.Ugh i cant believe the fact that i went down looking like this, the other girls look perfect and here i am with messy hair and smudged makeup from last night.But who cares i mean come on. I walked downstairs. I said goodmorning to everybody and niall came up to me and kissed my cheek and gave me my breakfast wish consisted of bacon and egg. 

After the breakfast i let victoria do them dishes so that i could help the girls pick their outfits for their date. First i helped Lianna and she wore a black crop and a peachy/pink coloured skater skirt , and a golden statement necklace. She was so pretty. Liam was going to throw himself at her. Then i helped Ashley , she also needed help even though she was supposed to be the " beauty queen" here. Anyways she wore black highwaisted jeans and a blue/white striped long sleeved top. I was going to help mckenna but she was already done she has a peach skater dress and some cute black flats. Liam was here to pick the girls up . I wished them luck and they drove away.


Liannas pov

wow liam looked so handsome even tough he was wearing jeans with a casual t-shirt and a jeans jacket.He looked so good i cant even keep my eyes to myself. He also looked at me the same way and gave me a cheeky wink. Very cheeky. When we arrived i looked out from the car window and screamed because we were at disney land. wow i was so chocked , us girls started screaming and we all hugged liam and said thank you li. He told us that we were going to dress up like princesses for a day and then he was going to pick wich one of us he likes the best. 


They dressed me up as Belle. Mckenna was pocahontas and ashley was dressed as anna from frozen. It was amazing and we all looked beautiful , like real princesses. The whole day kids came up to us and they were smiling so big it was so fun to see them being happy. I wish that this could be my actual work because i loved it so far. Then a special little girl came up to me and i noticed that she had cancer so i smiled at her and told her that she was very pretty like a princess. She started to cry and said " i could never be pretty , i dont have any hair on my head" i felt so bad so i took her to my lounge room backstage in the big castle and i gave her a princess wig. She put it on and she was gorgeous. " you can keep that" i told her " thank you so much princess belle" she said and smiled and ran back to her mum. 


The day came to an end and we all went home. Everybody at home was waiting for us to tell them. We did tell them and we also showed a few pictures.and they loved them so much. Tomorrow is the rose cermony ... Excited!. 


A/n next chapter will be the last :( going to miss this book so much , i might even make an awesome  sequel :) see ya xx comment and like it! Almost 5K thanks :*





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