The Boyfriend Games ( One direction fanic )

Simon Cowell decided to make the boys their own bachelor about 2000 girl wanted to be in the compeition but only 20 got in. Alex Carter is a normal 18 year old girl with a dream about becoming mrs Horan . follow the story through tears drama and ofcourse, love.


6. chapter 6



     Alex's p.o.v


    Yesturday everybody had their introducion and i dont know what the boys tought about me but i hope they liked me , and especially niall. I saw that he looked at me but i am not the prettiest girl , he will probaly pick that girl from ireland since yeah she is from ireland. Hey what if i learn irish word haha . I got out of bed and walked down the stairs . I also took my phone and looked at the clock

' sheez '

i said it was 6 in the morning . I walked down the stairs . I heard some voices they sounded familiar . I came near the sofa and there was the one and only Zayn so that means that the boys are here , but my question is why are they here so early and i understand the sleepy zayn these boys must be hyper . i walked in to the kitchen and saw Niall eating a sandwich and drinking some ...tea? i think. 


- Goodmorning Niall! i said and he looked up and smiled he locked his iphone and put it in his pocket on the back of the jeans . 


- Ello love niall said and smiled wider . 


- Why so happy ey? i said


- Oh er you know err......nothing he said and blushed 


i started to walk away but he grabbed my arm  I need to talk to you ' he looked nervous and sweaty



I wonder what he was going to say .....

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