The Boyfriend Games ( One direction fanic )

Simon Cowell decided to make the boys their own bachelor about 2000 girl wanted to be in the compeition but only 20 got in. Alex Carter is a normal 18 year old girl with a dream about becoming mrs Horan . follow the story through tears drama and ofcourse, love.


57. Chapter 58

chapter 58 


Alex pov

Today is the last rose cermony and i am so excited yet so nervous. I have been here for a long time and i don't think i'm ready to leave. What if Niall pick someone else? what am i going to do? i really like him and i might even love him. We are with eachother all the time and i love it. I'm going to miss everybody.

Everyone was stressing because they wanted to look perfect for the last day. I don't get it though but it's okay. we are 6 girls left in this house and one of us is going to go home today. Maybe that's why everyone is trying to look perfect. 

I am looking through my closet to find the perfect outfit but i can't seem to find it. I searched a bit more until i found it. It was a black strapless skater dress and i love it. i also picked out my black heels and our own makeup artist , yes you heard it right. We have our own makeup artist and she is awesome and i wish that she could fix my makeup everyday. She put on the base and then a matte red lipstick and she made a black cat eye and put on some fake lashes. I almost couldn't see since they were so heavy on my eyes. 

She gave me a gold lion necklace and a bracelet. I was now done and i was so happy with the way my outfit turned out. I hope Niall likes it. Ugh why would i care? i have never cared about what anyone thinks of my clothes. 

everyone was done with their makeup and clothes. They all looked so beautiful. We walked out on the mini stage and stood there until the host came and said hi to everyone. She was talking about the rules and she was also thanking us for an amazing season and we ate some cake and had fun togheter for the last time before everyone goes home. 

All us girls stood on up on the mini stage and the camera started filming and we were all so nervous but when i saw Niall in his suit i couldn't help but think about how amazing he looked.I love him i realize it now i really do he is just so beautiful inside and out. 

He smiled at me and i could see that he was happy that everything was going to be over by tomorrow so that we won't have to hide and fake everything. But that's if he pick me ofcourse maybe he doesn't want to be with me. Maybe i'm annoying and ugly?

The host were talking and the camera men were filming her.  "So now the moment everyone has been waiting for" she said in a voice that made me cringe. " LouisTomlinsom you go first" she said and Louis stepped forward. He was talking for a bit until it was his time. " This was easy but at the same time hard but i know who i want to be in a relathionship with." he said and there was a long pause like always in these stupid shows. " Mckenna Gallagher will you be my girlfriend?" he asked her and she started to cry. " Omg i would love to Louis i really like you " she said and hugged him. He gave her a rose. This rose was white and it was beautiful. They changed roses so that it would be more special on the final.

" Liam Payne" the host said in the most dramatic way. " Yes " he said and stepped forward. " This has been both great and bad , there has been ups and downs but i know who i want to keep fighting good and bad with , Lianna Hudson  i really like you , will you be my girlfriend?" He asked Lianna and she started screaming. She ran up to him and hugged him like there was no tomorrow. She got her white rose and she went and stood next to Mckenna and they were both hugging eachother.

" Zayn malik " the host said and Zayn stepped forward. " This girl that i'm about to ask is special she is my everything even though she probably don't know it but Ashley Mason do you want to be my girlfriend" he asked her and both me and Ashley were going crazy we were jumping and screaming and she ran up to him and got the rose. " I would love to " she said and kissed him on the cheek. She went to Mckenna and Lianna. 

" Niall horan " the host said and i could see that he was so nervous. I am so scared right now. What if he picks someone else? " Even though you already are my girlfriend i'm going to ask you again , would you like to be my princess" Niall asked me and i was almost on the verge of crying. I nodded and ran up to him. I kissed him on his cheek and he gave me my rose. I walked to the other girls and they were hugging me and i couldn't think straight. Me? out of everyone. Wow never though this would of happen when i signed up.

" Harry styles " the host said and harry was the last boy so he was very nervous. " Can Gabby and Victoria please step forward" the host said and they did. " Only one of you can be harrys girlfriend and one of you is going home today" the host said and the girls nodded. " Girls , i really like both of you but there is someone special that i love to death and you probably know who you are" he started. " Gabby , will you do the honour of being my dear girlfriend" he said and everyone gasped. We thought that Harry loved or at least liked Victoria but oh well as long as he is happy. " I would love to Harold" she said and everyone started laughing. He gave her the rose and went up to victoria and hugged her since she was crying. " Don't hug me you fucking liar i can't believe you did this you are an idiot" she said while running off and the camera men following her like puppies. Harry just shrugged his shoulders and went to hug gabby.

They stopped filming and Niall came up to me. " Hi babe" he said and kissed me. " Hi Nialler" i said while smiling so big . " I am so happy right now" i said which made him smile. 

" Anyhting for my princess " he said while he kissed me one more time. 



Thanks so much for reading this , it was one of my first movellas and i am going to edit it and the grammar and make it as good as possible! i never actually though that it would get so far! i have about 4K  readers. Thank you so much and i might do a sequel or epilouge you decide! write in the comments

Thanks for reading!

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