The Boyfriend Games ( One direction fanic )

Simon Cowell decided to make the boys their own bachelor about 2000 girl wanted to be in the compeition but only 20 got in. Alex Carter is a normal 18 year old girl with a dream about becoming mrs Horan . follow the story through tears drama and ofcourse, love.


3. chapter 3


Alex's p.o.v

** 4 days later **

Today is the day i will leave and join the boyfriend games series. I'm excited but still a little bit nervous. this morning i said goodbye to my family and some of my so called friends since I will be gone for a long time ,well i mean if i am in the competition for a long time .I don't know why i am starting to think that i will for sure win this.What if i don't like any of the boys? What if they will hate me? Anything could happen.

I hope that niall will like me since i've always liked him.I don't know why i guess it's his eyes and his laugh that makes me smile. Anyways i.m aloud to like any of the boys , i mean what if i will stop liking niall and start liking zayn , not a big deal i just want to find the one . 

There will be loads of girls but i dont need to worry. i just have to be myself and everything will be alright .Right now i'm on my way to the airport. Me and Ashley are going to meet up here .And I am so happy that Ashley is with me.We promised the night before that we will always be with eachother and never let anything get inbetween us.Nothing can break our friendship.

i really don't think that iwould be able to do this by myself . You see me and Ashley are so close we do everything togheter , we are like sisters she had always been there for me and i have always been there for her.Everything that's is hers are mine and everything that's mine is hers.Well except for boys.

The only thing i worry about is that Ashley may find a new friend and forget about me . But i am not going to be jealous because she needs other friends than me and also need to look at the bright side i mean what if i meet new friends? I don't think that she will comlain so why should i do that to her? That would of been so unfair to her . Ugh why am i making this hard i mean it isn't Hunger games atleast we will get home alive. 

i really do hope that we can go out from the house besides from the dates . I could really use some fresh air anytime . I am not the person to be around people all the time . I like to be alone and just let my thoughts flow . I love to sit near the beach and hear the waves crashing on the sand it is cheesy i know but that's me . 


After a while i finally saw Ashley walking towards me.She almost tripped on her heels but she just laughed it off and i don't think that anyone else noticed since everyone was very tired.


'Ashley , over here" i screamed at her and some people were very annoyed and i saw that i just woke a baby and the baby started crying.Her parents glared at me since they had just gotten to sleep.Oops.

"you idiot" Ashley said to me while laughing quietly and i started laughing with her almost too loud for anyones liking.

"Why so dressed up?" i asked her and looked at her outfit feeling a little out of place . She was wearing a black flowy dress  with a brown belt around her waist , she had her hair pinned up in  loose curls and her make up was just perfect. and then there was me i was wearing black jeans an nerd jumper and my favourite pair of black vans .Ugh i love this outfit and i wanted to be as comfortable as possible since it was going to be a long flight.Poor her , she was wearing her favourite heels and guess what? i'm not gonna carry her to the hotel.No freaking way

"oh you know just meeting One direction she said casually . and walked past me while trying to act like a dive i laughed at my silly but gorgeous friend . I cant be jealous that is not happening  i am not jealous i tried to push away my thoughts and focus about what was coming.

- At the house-


"Welcome my ladies!" the host said

Great.Just great 

Game on.



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