The Boyfriend Games ( One direction fanic )

Simon Cowell decided to make the boys their own bachelor about 2000 girl wanted to be in the compeition but only 20 got in. Alex Carter is a normal 18 year old girl with a dream about becoming mrs Horan . follow the story through tears drama and ofcourse, love.


15. chapter 16




   Alexs p.o.v


  They called us down because dun dun duuun it was time for the second date annoncment . This time it was Zayns turn to take girls on a date . 5 girls exactly well i hope i am not one of them because yeah i like zayn as a friend not more but i clearly have feelings for Niall . Niall is sweet he always cares about others and not just about himself . 


- ALEX COME DOWN . Gabby screamed . 


Okay guys i know this is weird because Gabby is not in the competition but she is our haor stylist so she needs to know who she is going to fix hairs on . I walked down the stairs and saw all the girls huddled up around the couch with Aslhey having a letter in her hand . 


   Girls : Ashley , Alex , cameron , ariana , caroline 


  where? : Not gonna tell you . Dress fancy ;) 


    Simple but effective right ? ;) see you outside the mansion tomorrow 18.00 Xx Zayn Da Zap man '


All of us laughed . Well i better tell him tomorrow . The host came in tot he room and smiled . What is on ?


- Hello girls !


- Hello we all said . 


- So me and the team have planned a thing . We are thinking about letting 3 girls go home at the rose cermony and let Gabby be on but we still dont know ! maybe just maybe

Me and Gabby smiled and hugged eachother 


I hope she gets in .......


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